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So, about Book 15... (SPOILERS)

Petty Officer
Feb 07, 2010
I'm sort of concerned about how the Great Machine was put out of commision before the skyway inside it was used. It just seems like a waste of a perfectly good door-ish thing.

On a more minor note, it seems illogical that Valencia should have two stormgates to Aquila. I'm sure changing the label on one of them should be easy enough as long as it's still unused.

Feb 19, 2010
Hi Blind Mew I appreciate you giving us an honest response about what happened with Pirate101, and as always, i'll have a load of questions to ask you.

1. What happened with Valencia City and why can't we dock there? (Also Trianon Palace) I noticed that there are some images of Valencia City in the Pirate Worlds section of the website, yet we never were able to dock there in Calabria.

2. Why did our parents contradict themselves after the Kane fight? In the Gortez dungeon they were practically begging us to go there yet in Machine they told us to never go.

3. If the game fails in the matter of getting more players, will it have to go in that 'life support' stage you mentioned back in 2014? I really hope not......

4. Can you confirm that we're still going to El Dorado? Our parents telling us not to go but Avery saying we will get there some day seems really confusing. I'm sure many people would like this answered.

5. Why didn't we receive the two map pieces after defeating Kane? There seemed to be nothing from stopping us from getting them after we defeated the entire court. Where was Kane hiding the map pieces anyway?

6. Can you explain the lack of character development of the Queen and Bishop? I remember you saying when we would go back to Valencia that we would see so much about the Queen that we would become sick of her. Also, Kane mentions that we already know Bishop yet he had absolutely no dialogue.

7. Kane had his golden Mind removed by some mysterious force. Will that come back into play at some point during arc 2?

8. I know you probably won't answer this question. But i'm going to ask the big question everyone has been wondering. Will Book 16 take as long as Book 15 to come out? I know you just said that you needed more players to support the game, but I just wanted to know if it will happen.

9. Polaris? :D

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
I too would love to see what would have happened in another timeline. What have we missed? I love a good yarn and REALLY wish to hear the masterpiece you had originally planned..........Please?

I do admit to being a bit worried that after waiting so long to hear about all of this that a good chunk of it is a plea for help to get in more players, meaning more money to keep the story and game going. Are things really that bad? This game is the apple of my eye and as much as I have had faith and am totally dedicated to promoting it, this does make me wonder. I shall do whatever I can and hopefully more posts will draw in more players. Right now I am preparing a contest that will drive the contestants to Valencia in order to enter. Hopefully they will love it as much as I do and then bring in their friends.

*Chrissy Hugs* and welcome back to spinning yarns and your wonderful theories behind them. I am SO looking forward to peeking into your storycrafting workshop and seeing what we, together can find.

Community Leader
Ever think of Letting Phule join our crew in the future?

It would be hilarious to hear his interactions with Bonnie, Ratbeard, since he has 2 personalities. He also was trying to play puppeteer and have us destroy Kane and the Queen so he could take over the Armada, but little does he know the queen is still alive...

Wont she know that Phule gave us the key to get in? If so that makes Phule and enemy to the armada no? I dont see any reason why not to let him join our crew!

I'll try to spread as much about pirate as possible, It is an awesome game and the story/lore is just amazing! I definitely felt a change with book 15 like you said though. Was missing its Oomph the rest of the game has.

Anyway you could let us know what the story was in the 4 mystery chapters we will never see? (16-20) [of arc 1]

Like how you wanted to write the ending of the armada? would be interesting to read.

I've always wondered what Wizard City Skyway would look like and what areas would be around it!! Pixie Island? Other Schools? such a cool thing to think about

Thanks again Blind Mew!

Johnny - Pirate101 Community Leader
Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
So, now that arc 1's gotten a more shortened, albeit unsatisfying finale, I may ask you this, will we get proper quality time & many epic battles with the next Big Bad before doing the proper ultimate final battle with the next Big Bad in the proper finale to arc 2? I'm just disappointed to see such build-up with Kane was wasted at the near-last minute.

Not to mention Kane doesn't even have many epic battles & the ultimate final battle with Kane that has multiple forms before he meets his ultimate demise in his final form. Very sad to see all that potential go to waste.

Regardless, I truly hope we get to have more proper quality time & many epic battles with the next Big Bad before we have a true proper multi-form ultimate final battle with the Big Bad in arc 2 & it's proper finale someday.

Why, I even sent my ideas on upgrading the P101 land combat system mechanics about battling larger enemies & larger battleboards, including multiple forms in mid-battle, even to Big Bads in ultimate final battles. Take the time to read it, if you've some time to do so, please. You'll like the idea about that.

Hope arc 1's end will give KI enough time to implement these in someday.

Will we still see the Home World 5 Companions in P101 someday, even if the 1st arc ended at Book 15? I enjoyed the groups of 5 companions depending on what choices were made in the tutorial, so I hope to see the Home World 5 in the story sometime soon.

Whoa! I almost forgot this one question to ask! Is there some P101 equivalent to the ancient law of Kan Davasi in W101? Knowing about Kan Davasi from the Castle Darkmoor storyline made me think, "Is there something like that in P101? Is there even an ancient pirate law that was long-forgotten in the past? What would that be like?". Interesting.

I really hope arc 2 will have more Books & longer Books with the proper build-up to it's Big Bad & the proper grand finale arc 1 should've had to begin with. I'm not a big fan of short stories, even shorter ones.

Petty Officer
Aug 13, 2012
You can do packs from the worlds that the pirates were raised in you did made the grizzly pack for pirates who were raised in grizzlehiem or like the place you could the the rest of them.

Nov 23, 2011
Delighted to see you posting again, Blind Mew! And I appreciate your information about Chapter 15. I think you and KI made the right decision to shorten it up and get it out there. I have only had one of my pirates complete the new chapter so far, but I enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to sending more of my pirates to face Kane (I tend to stop doing quests with them when they hit level 65, so they have to finish Aquila first). I am glad to hear that some of the material edited out may still reach us in the form of dungeons/gauntlets (please design at least some of these to be solo-friendly or even solo only!).

Fellow pirates, do not be so quick to write off the Armada. Kane has fallen, yes, but the vast Armada fleets are still out there, waiting for new leadership. When Alexander the Great died his empire did splinter, yes - but the "successor states" controlled by his subordinate generals dominated the classical world for generations afterward. And if the rulers of the Spiral realms are troubled by now renegade clockwork fleets and armies, who are they gonna call? The pirate(s) who defeated Kane, that's who!


Nov 23, 2011
The Epic one: "1 suggestion: IF you want to make some revenue for pirate so you guys can create content then release a new pack! Players love packs...".

By Avery's beard, yes! I spent crowns like crazy when the two previous packs were released - I am a sucker for chasing after the new crew and pets, in particular.

I imagine designing packs distracts a fair amount from developing new story content, but I think you could make us pretty happy by just repacking some material already out there, which would minimize the time to develop the pack. For example, you could create a "Rogue's Gallery" pack with the new crew being based on enemies/villains we have fought before - another cat of the Rikki Tikki Tabby/Captain Swing type*, one of the shorter chubby rats, a ninja pig musketeer, an Aquilan vulture, etc. The animations for them are already done, so hopefully they would not be too much work to prep to be companions. Fill the pack up with some new housing items (borrow appropriate items from the Wizard101 inventory) throw in a few items of equipment - maybe some ship gear - and let kick it out there. I expect a lot of us would throw a fair amount of crowns after - especially if the kitty is in there.


*I know a lot of people who did not pick up the Boochebeard Bundle really would love the cat pirate, but you promised not to re-release him. I think releasing a Rikki Tikki Tabby/Captain Swing variant would honor your pledge but also make a lot of players very happy. I know I have the original cat but would love to have a chance for more of my pirates to add a similar kitty to their crew.

Nov 23, 2011
In regard to increasing the number of pirates flying the Spiral - I hear you! I think the fact that there is a new update will help, esp. if new material (expansions, gauntlets, new packs) follows more frequently in the future. I have two other ideas. One of them I want to work on a bit and then enlist aid from my fellow pirates here on the boards. But the other is a humble suggestion for you and your colleagues (minions? crew?) at KI to consider: there are what - 40 million? - Wizard101 players out there? Bribe them to play Pirate101! Two ways to do it that I see, both based on the assumption that players love having a chance to acquire cool new equipment/pets/mounts etc. for their characters.

1. Set up a system where a player who has a WIzard101 account and a Pirate101 account can shift certain items from their Pirate account's shared bank to their Wizard account's shared bank (basically, create a master account shared bank). And then in every Pirate realm have one or two dungeons where the bosses drop unique and pretty cool WIZARD gear. So if Wizard101 players want this really unique wand or an extra pointy hat or a cracking new pet or something for their wizard, they have to create a pirate to go farming for it. Once you sucker - err, I mean convince - Wizard players to try Pirate101, some of them are going to be hooked.

To be continued (running out of characters).


Nov 23, 2011
2. I think this idea, if it can be worked out, would be more fun than watching your crew debate how many Rs are in "yarrrrr", but more challenging to develop than the suggestion above: create a dungeon (again, with über-cool unique drops) that can only be completed by teams of pirates and wizards working together. You could create one or more variations of game play (as you did for the Stupendor X fight, for example), or cobble up a way that Pirates could participate in a Wizard-type fight (, , and casting spells/shooting/dropping bombs from their place in the dueling circle, while and could run up to the opponents to put the boot in), and - even better - have part of the dungeon fights where (gasp!) the wizards actually have to move around and do things rather than stand stagnant in their circle. Again, the Wizard players would be exposed in some detail to Pirate mechanics, and many I think would be encouraged to give Pirate a serious look.
I think the two games are similar enough in flavor (general structure, humor, etc.) that people who love one are at least going to enjoy the other, if they give it a try. The trick is to encourage them to try the alternative game – in this case, the one with the smaller player base (which is, in my opinion, in many ways the stronger game).


Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Actually, now that you mention it, there is something KI could do for P101...

We need more new bundles in P101, 'cause it's been way too long since it had a new special bundle, that is to say, the Hoodoo Bundle, so I ask you this, will we see more new special bundles made? I would really like it to see more new bundles for P101 again, especially new housing gauntlet bundles, with new companions, pets, gear, & so on.

Also, when will we get new booster packs in P101? It's also been too long since it had a booster pack, so I thought I would ask you this question. They're neat to have, & I would really like to see more made!

There's also this question, even though it's a bit music-related.

The scene where Kane gets lifted by some dark mojo in and his Golden Mind is ripped out from his face after Kane is defeated in "Razing Kane", it has no unique cutscene music theme played while that scene is played. It feels too hollow to hear only sounds, & no unique music in that scene. Could you please pass this on to El Kaboing & the sound team? I would like to hear unique music played in that scene.

There's one more question to ask... will there be many more special cinematic story moments with unique cutscene music themes in arc 2? I really enjoyed these in W101's arc 2's end in Khrysalis and in Polaris in arc 3's beginning, so I thought this, "Why not arc 2 have special moments & unique cutscene themes throughout that, too?". That would make arc 2 a lot more memorable & have lots o' build-up than arc 1 would have, except the end.

Since you wanted to move with a cleaner slate, I hope arc 2 will be longer than the 1st arc & have a lot more variety with lots more new enemies, bosses, & NPCs, especially towards their unique appearances, rather than having re-skins of old characters, enemies, etc. The most we want in that & the story updates are greater variety. And, trust us, we do not want you to skip to the 2nd arc's finale &/or shorten it to make it ready too soon.

Gunner's Mate
May 02, 2009
Well, I gotta say that that didn't really answer all of the questions that I had. It definitely does confirm though that in an effort to get the next major storyline update out the door that they were forced to cut some things from the story unfortunately. While this is the premature end of Arc 1 sadly I'm hoping that the next arc won't suffer the same fate as this one did right here.

May 06, 2009
Hello, Blind Mew! It's absolutely wonderful to here from you again and give more information about Book 15.

I only got to see Book 15 through walkthroughs and my brother's adventures through the Book, but I have a pretty good concept of what that story in relation to the overarching storyline.

I will say that I am disappointed with the shortness of Book 15. I really wish a lot more time could have been placed in building the world of Valencia and including more arcs about the Nobility, how the war effected (or didn't effect) Valencia, Queen's role (I would imagine she prominently distracts the locals from the machinations of Kane and the Armada), and another arc on how Bishop recuperated after his defeat at Beachhead.

That said, with the resources and time frame you had, I think you all managed to produce a really good work of content and flavor for this story arc. I very much appreciated. But..., I do have my questions...

1. Was there no possible way to do Book 15 a la Khrysalis? Could it not have been broken up into 2 parts of where the first part focuses on building the world, introducing Queen, learning of the Resistance and finding Caligostro and maybe the second, released later, focuses on getting to Gazpaccio, finding a way to infiltrate the Machine and move focus to Bishop then Kane.

2. Is the El Dorado storyline on pause at this point or are you done with it all together? I remember you mentioned part of the old storyline would break away from the Armada and the search to learn other things. Is this that part of the story or a move to something completely, totally different and we should leave El Dorado behind?

3. I thought the bit with our parents saying we shouldn't go to El Dorado very weird. I wish that had been worded as not a complete shut down of the El Dorado to more of closing the arc, but leaving the door ajar enough to revisit. I can't think of an example, but I just wish they're lines where leading toward a gray area of going to El Dorado.

Sep 21, 2014
Pirates o the Spir... on Jun 21, 2016 wrote:
Ever think of Letting Phule join our crew in the future?

It would be hilarious to hear his interactions with Bonnie, Ratbeard, since he has 2 personalities. He also was trying to play puppeteer and have us destroy Kane and the Queen so he could take over the Armada, but little does he know the queen is still alive...

Wont she know that Phule gave us the key to get in? If so that makes Phule and enemy to the armada no? I dont see any reason why not to let him join our crew!

I'll try to spread as much about pirate as possible, It is an awesome game and the story/lore is just amazing! I definitely felt a change with book 15 like you said though. Was missing its Oomph the rest of the game has.

Anyway you could let us know what the story was in the 4 mystery chapters we will never see? (16-20) [of arc 1]

Like how you wanted to write the ending of the armada? would be interesting to read.

I've always wondered what Wizard City Skyway would look like and what areas would be around it!! Pixie Island? Other Schools? such a cool thing to think about

Thanks again Blind Mew!
Quite creative thinking there Pirate!
I'd personally LOVE to have someone like Phule as one of my companions hehehe; the whole story about phule has not been thoroughly explained as have other clockworks and I think it would be a very interesting and unique plot phase for us all to enjoy together.

Here's some Pros and Cons for having Phule or ANY clockwork companion/unlikely villain.
1. He is a clockwork, argument closed.
2. It will show the unique design and perspective of those companions who are not alike animal dead or alive but as a machine that was built rather than created (if you know what I mean) THE point is, he would be unlike any other companion that we have seen so far and could prove a worthy asset to pirates all around the spiral!
3. As mentioned above, Phule would have a unique perspective of the way things are throughout the spiral being a clockwork AND the fact that he has two different personalities, you guys know all the references or things on TV that show someone looking to either side of their shoulder to see an Angel and Demon on either side; that is what phule is like; twin personalities to give him the way of being different than anything that has been or will be shown in the future. Also as you said Pirates o the Spiral, "It would be hilarious to hear his interactions with Bonnie, Ratbeard, since he has 2 personalities."
I 100% agree with this and think it would be great to have Phule or any other clockwork join our crew in the battle as we fight our way to El Dorado. And besides as it has been shown Phule has a change of heart or, core of some type; the point is he would be great for our team and it would make all the sense if he was implemented as a companion in the near future.

1. Ratbeard will always hate him and be arguing about him, even though it is entertaining.
2. He might have different ways of handling damage and things and what if there are some unique negative lasting impacting traits onto phule?
think about that

May 06, 2009
Also, I wanted to make note of Kane and his motives.
I am pretty please with Kane's motives actually. I'm very interested in villains/antagonists who want to perfect the world for the better or really villains who wish to do good or think they are, but do horrible things to achieve this.

As I understand it, Kane was made by Gazpaccio to get vengeance on the Tortellini's, only to have things go bad. Kane joins the Tortellinis and rises through the ranks, intrigue, and his intellect. Then the Polarian War starts. Kane is at a position to be Valencia's last stance against Polaris and imprisons Gazpaccio to "help" him make Clockworks to win the war.

When the war is won, Kane would at some point find flaw with how these political worlds carry themselves, piracy, and find flaw in himself (physically). So Kane finds Marco Pollo's map in his tomb at some point while grinding Aragon for better use and devises a plan to go to El Dorado and build the Grand Design. Kane wants to grind the Spiral, just as he does on Granchia, in order to make a better world where just things as war and inferiority are enigmas.

However, that's not how Kane comes off in his dialogue in The Machine. He sounds more self-centered and arrogant at his own intellect. He seems to only care about himself and his own perfection, which is find. But what I was hoping for was:

1. A more direct voice against imperfection regarding everything beyond his own mind, especially the thorn at his side that is us, the Pirate.

2. A relation from Kane's point of view of how the Polarian War or Gazpaccio might have shaped his mind set.

3. Some time of hatred of Piracy. Avery makes it clear that Kane wants to remake the Spiral with no room for Pirates. Shouldn't Kane make some type of note of how piracy goes against his order and perfection so it feels more direct toward with the Pirate?

What kind of vibe were you trying to create w/ Kane? Was it someone more cold, arrogant, and self-centered than what I thought?


Jan 28, 2014
Welcome back, Blind Mew! Your post wasn't as long as I thought, either, but it's still nice of you to allow us to ask questions. I have a lot of questions for you, and I hope you don't get overwhelmed:

1) Was all of Valencia City, Trianon Palace, and the other unused villa meant to be a part of Valencia Part 2, as well as Andalusian Skyway? It all seems cut short, and is only mentioned as a fortress for the Clockworks or something.

2) There's two Stormgates to Aquila, one in Calabria, and one in Aragon. Why are there two Stormgates to Aquila now? Was the one in Aragon supposed to lead to Achaea Way, or is this intentional to lead to another Skyway for some odd reason?

3) Also in Aragon, there's a skyway-like path that leads into The Great Machine, or The Machine for short. Was it supposed to lead inside that machine as a way to confront Kane, or is that just a shortcut between Aragon and Andalusian, seemingly?

4) Valencia seems to be full of Cities with some nice Renaissance culture and architecture and Villas that are disjointed. While it's nice, it does get awfully repetitive. Perhaps in Andalusian and other skyways (and probably Calabria and Aragon), you could shake things up with some nature like in those strangely unenterable landmasses in Calabria? Which brings me to my fifth question:

5) Why are all the huge landmasses we cannot dock at in Calabria all decorated with houses and farmlands, especially compared to other skyways with big landmasses we can't enter, which were all sort of barren? It just seems weird, like they were meant to be places to visit. I thought for sure we'd visit them because of that artwork you showed us of the same skyway on Facebook.

6) Last question: Kane's Body is dead, his brain is lost somewhere in the Spiral, and Queen's still alive. Does this mean the story will be sort of the same, and things will go the way you wanted to before ending this arc at Book 20, albeit with changes?

Thank you, Blind Mew, for answering my questions.

May 06, 2009
One other thing, I believe it this was back around when Marleybone and Aquila came out, but someone asked something in regards to the Aquila storyline and you wanted to give us some notes on that. I can't recall the specific details, I'll have to look through the Musings to find it specifically (or if anyone would like to help locate that question), but I do remember something about notes on the story line that you didn't get a chance to talk about before the hiatus. I don't know if you remember or if they have any relevance now, but I would be great to revisit if you ever get the chance.

That aside, two more inquiries: What's the deal with Poseidon's and Hephaestus' visions during the Immortals quest foreshadowing the future?
Of all the Immortals, Poseidon's seemed the least prevalent or important to the story. What was he hinting at about the Trident being the Key? Was it pointing toward something we haven't seen yet or might it have been overlooked or cut during Valencia Part II?
And what did Hephaestus mean about the Hand, Eye, and Heart coming together that he'll be appeased?

Also is Valencia Part 2 the start of the more fast storytelling? After Cool Ranch, I think you mentioned that Chapters would start moving more faster than before. Should this reign true for the time being.

Sorry for so many questions. It's just been so long! Also my time on the forums in ending soon (until I get more Crowns) so I just want to get as many of questions as possible. Thanks once more!

May 20, 2014
Ooh, I have a couple of questions:
1. Was the queen always intended to take control of the armada in case kane dies? (that is, if that's what the queen is doing/if kane is really dead)
2. Any hints as to the next update (PvP updates, crafting, etc.)?
3.Why is kane a buccaneer? Shouldn't he be a privateer, being leader of the armada and all that?
4. What windstones do the stormgates from mooshu/marleybone/aquila > Valencia use? It's not too important from a story standpoint, but it would be nice to know. And with only 2-3 windstones left, won't we soon be able to travel anywhere with the proper clearance?

Feb 07, 2011
Since you asked for questions

1) So.. will there be a Queen's court now? or will that be telling?

2) Will we get more insight on the Armada during the Polarian war? it felt pretty odd that G had nothing to say at all about what happened during the Napolgunic wars

3) Is there a reason the crab clans are named after pastas? think these foes make me more hungry than anything

4) I take it the Pc (and the rest of the spiral) is unaware of what happened at the end of book 15 for a book or so? or is something more devlish underway?

5) probably a better question for someone else, but, Will we ever get full sets of Armada elite gear for the rest of the elites? it seems Rooke is the only one with a almost full set..

6) We've seen the heart and the mind, but what of the hand? unless the hand refers to G's creation of the atomoation and Kane?

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
I do have this question to say...

Will we get batches of new class trainer quests that award new exclusive epic talents & powers from our class trainers, continuing from level 35 & onward? I feel like our class trainers should've given us more new lessons to learn, more stories to speak about, & more adventures to embark. Blind Mew, I liked the class trainer quests, yet, we still didn't get new quests from them, especially while we were waiting for Book 15 to come out.

W101 had spell quests, & they still continue to have them in new updates, so, shouldn't P101 continue the new class trainer power quests, too? I really wanted to see more like them!

I can presume they're not truly too long & difficult to make, so, I really hope you can be up to making new class trainer power quests.

The Epic one on Jun 21, 2016 wrote:
I'm so glad you're back to the message boards!

1 suggestion: IF you want to make some revenue for pirate so you guys can create content then release a new pack! Players love packs (even if the companions are stingy (rip 100k crowns :( ) I do have a question though, what has been happening in Marleybone lately? Last we left off, Mycroft sent us after Calisatro. What are the ramifications of us as pirates being employed in Marleybone's special service? I look forward to the next book!

It's great that our loyal, existing fans are willing to continue to support the game.

But (and this is just my opinion) if I had the option of asking our existing fans to spend more on the game, or to just recruit or befriend one new player, I'd take new players every time.

Wizard101 isn't the more successful game because their players necessarily spend more to support it. W101 is the more successful game because they have a lot more players.

Players who create a fun, welcoming, enthusiastic environment to draw in and support new players are doing more to promote the game than those who create a negative environment, and I appreciate you all more than I would normally admit.

And now I will return to plotting horrible new ways to defeat your pirates.

1. With constant talks of avoiding undoing past achievements, why bring all the clockworks back? Why have multiple copies? Is having the full chess board worth undoing all of those defeats in your opinion?

I don't think Blind Mew would, but you can blame me for that.

May 16, 2011
Book 15 was, without a doubt, worth the wait. Especially the final battle. Here's some of my questions.

1. After reading your recent post, I found the most intriguing part of it the part about Kane 2.0, AKA Able. Was the plan to make Able a companion, or an ally?

2. Will the lonely Stormgate at the end of Avernus Skyway ever be used?

3. Three or four years back, a bug asking to buy a Krokotopia Skyway was found in one of Monquista's Stormgates. Was this perhaps one of the worlds in books 16-20?

4. What about the Skyway inside of the machine?

Nov 11, 2008
  • Are we still going to collect Map pieces and go to El Dorado?
  • Why were the original Books 15-20 cut? Couldn't you have added the original Book 15 in place of the current Book 15 and added the original Books 16-20 at a later time?
  • We know that Stupendor-X was forged in El Dorado (Shagri-La). Any chance that Stupendor-X is the "perfect" body Kane is looking for?
  • So, about Queen?
  • The original outline looks like it would have been SO GOOD! Why, why, why didn't it make it?
  • Hints on future worlds?
  • Why do we report back to Avery instead of someone like Cagliostro or M?
  • I haven't seen any Pirate101 (or Wizard101) advertisements in a long time. Any plans for more ads?
  • After Gazpaccio is shot, we completely forget about him (other than a dramatic "NO!" from Bonnie Anne). Is he dead? Why do we leave him and never mention him again?

Community Leader
Just read your answers thread!

WOW - I am stunned at how the next few books would have turned out. Thank you so much for sharing what would have happened, even if you only did in a few paragraphs, it sounded amazing and Im truly crushed we didnt get to see that happen!!

It sounded great and I hope what you do next in the story is just as epic!!

Thanks for all you do Blind Mew ^_^

Johnny - Pirate101 Community Leader