Skyway Raids!

Oct 11, 2012
The point of my starting this thread is to organize what I've decided to call "Skyway Raids".
The basic idea behind this is to get a bunch of pirates to join together and attack enemy ships
in a skyway at the same time. The idea is to either help pirates earn nautical exp quickly or help
pirates get through those quests that require a certain number of ships to be defeated. I know how
frustrating these things can be, so why not help each other out? Anyway I plan to post the time, date
location of raids. Anyone who can is welcome to join in the raid or post their own raid on this thread.
If you support the idea or have a question about a raid you can post it below as well.

Raid Guidelines
-when posting a raid, you must specify the time (and timezone), date, location, and server the raid will take place on.
-players are not allowed to go on raids that are in skyways they do not have access to
-every raid should have a leader, probably the person who planned the raid. The leader should be the first ship to target and engage enemy ships. This will allow the raiding party to operate and attack without too much confusion

Well to all of you who support this idea, feel free to take place in any raids. The first scheduled raid will be coming soon.
Good Sailing to all of you

Silent Tom Sharp lvl. 57