Single Target Witchdoctor Powers

Apr 26, 2009
Does anyone else feel they are lacking later game? I mean a mournsong does curse and has infinite range, but it does maybe an eighth of 1/4 enemies health (and thats solo!) and witches can do that 3 times. Does anyone else think these skills should be changed up a little bit? With crits they can be incredibly powerful, but so can every other skill! I propose a couple changes.

Give the single target abilities the range that EVERY other witch ability has, and increase the damage by a bit on ghostwail, and decrease the damage on mournsong and soulreaver, but increase the duration of the curse, and make it do more damage overall

Make the single target abilities a 9 hit ability, make it only apply the curse to the enemies for 4 rounds.

Anyways the changes I have suggested may not have been exactly balanced in any way, but I feel the single target witch abilities need to be changed, or buff the damage.