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Shooty Weapon Unique perks

Mar 27, 2014
even though Shooty weapons is one category in that category there are three types of Shooty weapons. rifles, pistols, and shotguns. i am thinking to add variety to the game and open up new possibilities for players (cause right now almost every musketeer player is using a rifle for the long range) each of the types should have a unique perk. rifles would keep the long range (maybe even have longer range), pistols would allow an extra attack a turn (would be an epic called Second Shot) since it would make sense to have two attacks with two guns and shotguns would have a short aoe normal attack (similar to the grapeshot power) since that is what shotguns do. their shots scatter. plus there are only three shotguns in the entire game (Boomstick, DB Boomstick, and Banditoad Scattergun) and they become obsolete as quickly as they are available and cannot be stitched.