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ship question

Feb 03, 2013
is there a reason once I have a galleon I would want to keep my lighter ships? don't want to sell them and need them later.

Apr 08, 2011
I found that my Samoorai Frigate (medium) ship has a faster Maximum Speed, Acceleration and Boost Speed than my other ships. I use this ship mainly just for traveling through the airways.


Feb 12, 2013
I prefer fighting creatures in the skyway on a skiff.

A galleon spreads the battlefield too far and usually the battle takes longer.

Feb 03, 2013
hugs thanks will watch the speed of the ships that is a very good point when you won't be fighting in the skyway.

Community Leader
There is no known reason I am aware of for keeping your older ships as you upgrade/progress.

They dont sell for much however. I actually have purchased one of every ship available in the game on my witchdoctor because he has nothing left to do with the volumes of gold he accumulates.

Hardest challenge my witchdoctor has... staying under the gold cap!!!

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