sharks in pirate101

Petty Officer
Dec 21, 2013
the grimteeth are cutthroats just their more fond of hoodoo I think they look like walking goblin sharks the goblin shark has a long noes and is a very rare shark
the cutthroats are walking great whites I belive. their leader is fin dorsal he is a body building one that always wear these weird glasses or goggles hard to tell
the sky shark has a lot of species one is a storm shark his bites are shocking literally

the threshers are cutthroats with stripes so I think they are tiger sharks that have a body and legs and arms

the hammerhead one of the rarest sharks till one day a storm blew them into the crownshop they have pets the pets are babys and grown-ups that you can ride

Nov 23, 2011
One thing to remember is that regardless of the type of shark, they hit hard. (Bonnie Anne is still complaining about that last time we bumped into some).

"Fin Dorsal" is a reference to the character "Riddick", played by Vin Diesel, who appears in a series of Science Fiction movies and video games; the character frequently wears goggles. Fin Dorsal's "you made three mistakes" speech when you first encounter him is modeled on dialogue from the second film in the series.