SFL Spiral Football Leage

May 23, 2012
I was watching the Chargers Raiders game when I was thinking : what if every world or even skyway had there own football team .

Skull Island Captains
Monquistan Monkeys
Mooshu Dragons
Marlybone Dogs
Aquila Emperors
You guys come up with more ideas and make a couple rivalries between specific teams .
Gooo Chargers !

Oct 10, 2009
This is a really interesting idea!

The famed Spiral Date 4492007 Spiral Bowl, when the Laestrygon Giants managed to defeat the previously undefeated Albion Rebels off an amazing catch by Gok Urg, pinning the ball against his second head with his club... of course, the Albion Rebels won in the great Spiral Bowl of 4142001, beating the MooShu Goats on a last second field goal by Adam McIntyre.
The most famous Spiral Bowl of all time might just be the third in Spiral Bowl III, when the Docktown Airships beat the Santo Pollo Colts after Airships quarterback Joe Nelson famously guaranteed victory.

Can you tell me which actual Super Bowls these are and who I mentioned? This could be a fun game to play.

P.S. gyules, I can see that you are a Chargers fan. Congratulations on making the playoffs! I sincerely hope that you make it to the AFC Championship Game, before my Patriots will squash you like a bug.