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Feb 14, 2010
One of America's favorite treats will no longer be made because of money issues. To be honest who doesn't enjoy a nice Twinky. I believe that we can change that with a charity event! (The first one for Pirate101)
Items for this charity event could include:
Twinky mount
Chocolate cream Twinky mount
Twinky themed house
Twinky housing items
Interactable twinky food
50% of all proceeds go to the hostess company. (negotiable)

Sep 08, 2008
ROFL, I love that idea. But, it would look too silly, I think?

I listened to the news. The bigwigs of twinkies kept cutting pension, benefits, and wages of the employees that were doing all the real work. The employees strike, and subsequently decided not to work for their employers.

Well, refusing to compromise with the employees, they seem to have no option but to sell out. I highly doubt all the hostess products will no longer be made. They will continue to be made, but simply under a different name, or a different company that hopefully treats their employees better.

The bigwigs and CEO's all have to realize that cutting employees' money and essentially their livelyhood so they can roll in money is not the way to go. The hostess employers deserve every hardship that follows them by selling out. Then again, they are probably already rolling around in money because they most likely made 10 times as much as their employees, who do the REAL work.

On that note, that is the reason I hate the show Undercover boss. Bosses that roll around in money and live in luxury trying to make themselves look honorable and good by posing as an employee of theirs that get only a fraction of what the boss makes.

Oct 06, 2012
Sounds very nice- as I was never really a fan of Hostess, I do deserve a Sno-ball every once in a while!
They deserve the money.
~Fearless Pearl Killerny~