Roleplay! The Second Armada.

Oct 16, 2012
Starslayer and his cousin Boltfire were in front of Visiting Room 5 in the Glass House. They had been tasked by their employer, Captain Swing, to interrogate a most evil cat.

"Why couldn't the rest of our brigade come?" Asked Boltfire. Her yellow hair and blue skin made her look like a dogfighter. She had a horn on her forehead, allowing her to use advanced magic, and 2 sets of wings, able to make her fly at Mach 60.

"It's too dangerous. This guy will get in your head and wreak havoc." Said Starslayer. He was the same as Boltfire, except he had neon blue skin and neon green hair. Both of them were Equestrians from Ponyville, and even though it sounded peaceful, they were deadly fighters.

"Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash didn't even want to come close to this guy, so I guess you're right." Said Boltfire. Even though Twilight and Dash were trained mercenary soldiers, they were afraid of what this cat could to their minds.

"Let's walk in." Said Starslyaer. The 2 walked in, and the door was shut behind them. Sitting on a chair was Meowiarty, dressed in a pristine black and white prison uniform. He was a bald cat, but that didn't reduce his elegance. His cane was black, topped with a crystal ball.

"Uninvited guests? Charming. I can't say I've ever seen the likes of you before, but I will try to figure you out. Starslayer, is it? I can tell by your horn length and wingspan that you are royalty. And Boltfire, I believe you to be an agile and deadly air combat specialist by those Battle Angel sparkshot scars on your arm." Said Meowiarty.

"So, tell me cat. How'd they lock you up? Are you getting dull?" Taunted Starslayer. Meowiarty chuckled and gave his reply.

"Do not think for one moment that I am where I want to be! With the Armada rising again, I am in the most solid building in the realm! Coincidence? Heheheheheh. I am sure the idea comforts you. When I am done here, I will leave this compound. Easily." Said Meowiarty. Indeed, Starslayer and his friends had beaten the Armada almost entirely 4 months before, but now they were back and getting stronger by the hour, thanks to a remnant of 10,000 Armada troops, who rebuilt their leader and his court, along with every factory necessary to rebuild the Armada fleet and army.

"I know what you are here for. Captain Swing needs my genius to build a super cannon to destroy the Machine. Tell him........if he can drum up more support to impress me......I will do it. Now, all you have to do is keep the Armada out of this fine skyway..........and buy me the time I need to escape!" Said Meowiarty.

You guys decide what happens next!!