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Roleplay-Last Defense

Jan 22, 2011
Now, I know theres been a bunch of these. But I've never really done one myself. So, without further interruption. Let us get to roleplay

The skys were a vibrant blue, the sun descending on the sandy beach of Skull Island. As a pair of three pirates, Ryan, Kenneth, and Elizabeth walked to the Kraken skulls tavern. Ryan, a privateer straight from the home of naval strategy Marleybone. Kenneth, the brother of Ryan. A musketeer and engineering expert, due to his scholarship in Valencia. Elizabeth, The shady long-lost sister orphaned and sent to Darkmoor where she took the liking of witchcraft. They finally descended into their destination of the Kraken Skulls tavern. They sat down and began to talk
"We need to figure out how we're going to stop the upcoming armada assaults on Skull Island. Avery disagrees with us making a war fort out of this place." Said Kenneth, tinkering with a few nuts and bolts under the table.
"I say we gather at least two fleets of ships. So whent

First Mate
Oct 15, 2012
( is am doing this on my I pod, so I might make a few mistakes and auto correct might not help at all. 4 th generation )

A pirate also in Valencia was also trying her best to sink some ships as well. She was not yelling " CHARGE!!!" Or anything while going to combat, because she is quiet and likes to keep things to herself. Armada ships surrounded her, about to sink her Monquistan ship. But more pirates on other ships bailed her out. H.H.: hey thanks for the help. Mysterious man: hey, I am Ryan. Very nice to meet you . H.H. I am honest Hannah. Ryan: this is Kenneth and Elizabeth. H.H. Sorry to interrupt, but we are under attack. (Yes, I know a bit boring.)

Aug 07, 2013
as we were about to get sunk, the armada mage, bishop, teleports you to the beachhead core. H.H.: Where are we? Bishop: You are about to get destroyed!!!!!! And we engaged in battle.
(Battle Combat happening now!)
Honest Hannah calls up Catbeard, Ratbeard and Kan Po. They all go for bishop, but he just keeps on using leech
(Pls continue the batte)

First Mate
Dec 13, 2009
A boy in the tavern overhears the conversation.
"Armada raids? Best way to beat a clockwork is not with steel and metal. You need magic, and I have two dozen skiffs that I 'borrowed' from the Frog Father. I'll make you sails out of the cloth in their uniforms, and figureheads of their masks. I will melt down their metal armor and make you cannons and cannonballs. This should scare them away! Do you like my plan, or no?"