Roleplay-Choose Your Own Adventure-From the Start!

Gunner's Mate
Apr 13, 2010
(Roleplay CYOAFTS. Someone make a word out of it- I dare you!)

You wake up in a prison cell. A pirate and a monkey stand outside. They ask you a lot of questions. You seem to understand. Suddenly, you hear a cannon fire. The back wall crumbles, helping you escape. As you go to the pirates, you hear a voice. "Help, please." it says. What do you do? (If you ignore it, skip to when you are on deck. If you go back, read on.) You follow the voice and see it belongs to a (crane/horse/cow/goat/goose). You pull a lever and their gate is open. "Thank you for releasing me, Captain. I will fight beside you forever!" The pirate says, "Come on! We don't have forever!" You follow them on to the deck of the ship. You encounter your jailer, Deacon. He talks to the pirate, then sends you and some of his troops to battle. (If you rescued the companion, skip to the next paragraph. If you ignored it, read on.) You are alone in the battle. You strike one troop, and it falls. Another one takes its place. You try your best to fight, but eventually you are outnumbered. One threat from the troops is all it takes for you to drop your weapon and surrender. "Good choice. Clap him in irons and set sail for Valencia!" says Deacon. You are thrown back in jail, and the pirate with the monkey are never to be seen again. Following your entry to Valencia, you are taken to Supreme Commander Kane, for he will decide your fate. "You seem useful." he says. "I will not kill you, on one condition. You become my servant." Right now you are so scared of him that you nod and bow down. "Good. This one serves well." says Kane.

At first you are alone, but then your new friend joins you. ... (OOC: This all I have so far. Which fate did you choose?)