Roleplay - Call to Arms

Dec 21, 2009
The Pirate Admiral along with about twenty others wrote hurridly while the sounds of battle raged all to close to the cellar which they now hid. The Pirate Admiral, more formally known as Nathaniel Dragonsmith was about age sixteen, with a lean build and a somewhat charming aspect about him he seemed noble. His hair was a rather dark brown, eyes the same. If you first met him you'd think he wouldn't hurt a fly, much less escape prison. He and his fellow writers wrote the same message over and over again,

We need help! We're in polarian lands and are surrounded by armada units. Kane is giving direct orders to destroy us. The code at the bottom tells you where we are. Bring all your forces, Armada units are mobilizing to attack Theives' Hideout after strangling us into submission. Please help us! From the Pirate Admiral's own crew.
eIc drhaS Skyway
Abkain sIlnda

The sounds of combat got nearer and nearer still, when the Pirate Admiral finally decided they had created enough letters he gathered them into a large heap and spoke the spell his mother taught him when she was on her death bed. "Go now, go! Unto the places where know! Go to Anne, go to Jack, go to Emma, go to every pirate in the spiral!" As he shouted the incantation the letter began to disappear until there were none left.

Nathaniel breathed a sigh of relief, he was unsure it would work when he said every pirate but it did indeed work. The cellar door began to bang, the armada troops must have gotten past the defenders and barricades. He told everyone in there to go to the secret escape tunnel. He then drew his sword and gun, crept to a hiding place and waited for the door to break. Just as teh tunnel closed the cellar door broke and robotic soldiers marched in. The Pirate Admiral waited only a moment and then began shooting and fighting, trying to stall for his crew to escape.

{ Hey guys! Haven't made one of these in a while, hope you enjoy writing on it. Also, the code is Ice Shard Skyway, Abakini Island. Will you help Nathaniel Dragonsmith defeat the Armada, after all, you've been invited didn't you read your letter?}

First Mate
Dec 13, 2009
Kai Alcott had already been near the location, drawn by the clockworks, when though he can not be called a pirate truthfully, a letter hit his head.
"Uh. Hm. So that's why the 'clocks are here."
He tossed a small explosive into the clockwork crowd, detonating it and sending robot pieces flying.
The remaining soldiers regrouped fast, however. Kai sneaks in through the air vents, landing behind the Admiral.
"Have we not met before?" Kai asks. "You never did tell me your name."

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2012
Hmm... this seems interesting. I'll give it a shot.

Justin sat at his desk, pondering over a letter that just came to his attention. A call to arms, he thought. Now, he was busy with all the mercenary jobs piling in, but he just could not just drop everything and go help Mr. Dragonsmith. And if he wanted to, his entire group would have to go. It was a very tough choice, but he had decided to go anyway, and besides, any chance you get to be a thorn in Kane's side, you take it, right? So now came the hard part. He needed to select party members to go with him. Now, of course his first mate Wing Chun would go, they were great friends after all. They met on an Armada prison ship, and they vowed to beat Kane to a pulp. The question now was, who was he going to take also. This seems to big to be a two-man job. He had an army of able-bodied men, and some beasts. He would take Nikeeta, a scarakeet who was used as a scout to be used in the air, and then we have Jack Smith, a chicken ranger who he had freed from Castillo Sapo not to long ago. He got everything ready for the 'expedition' to Abakini Island, and he put his second best in charge, a Valencian crab by the name of Louis Le Bisque. The foursome hopped aboard his Bison Frigate, Deep Sky, and got ready for the unexpected. But he just could not help but feel something amiss with this mission.

Sep 28, 2013
when john Jackson saw the note he jumped into action

the armada my greatest enemy in polaris time to defeat them once and for all he had to do this
he went to his ship while trying to crack the code he finally figured out it must mean

ice shard skyway
Abakini island

well that's a long way from marleybone anyway lucky jack sail the ship were going to polaris

time to defeat the armada

fearless john Jackson level 16

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2012
When the team of four arrived at Abakini island, Justin began to brief his search party.
"Now you are all curious to why I brought you here. We are here to answer a call to arms and rescue a man by the name of Nathaniel Dragonsmith. He is surrounded by armada units and has let his crew escape, but his whereabouts and condition remain unknown."
The plan was simple. Nikeeta would take to the skies and look for the man. Then the foursome would move in on his location and rescue the admiral, all the while taking out as many armada grunts as possible. Nikeeta, as soon as she was done sharpening her talons on a nearby rock, took of to find Nathaniel and report back to Justin as soon as she was done. Justin was busy making sure his weapon was ready. It was a armada rifle he bought from some guy at the bazaar, as Justin prepared to face the enemy is this large of quantity, he just reminded himself it was just another job.
To be continued

Justin Moone; lvl 29 Musketeer

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2012
Nikeeta was flying about looking for the admiral over the island when she noticed 2 armada units, but they were winged grunts, but she just ignored them. One of the battle angels asked if that scarakeet was part of a crew (since it was a yellow and blue bird) but they ignored it. Nikeeta carried on with her patrol, and managed to find a cellar door with no snow, meaning Nathaniel might be there. Nikeeta flew back to report her findings to Justin. "Found something, Nikky?" Justin asked. The scarakeet squawked with glee as the party followed her. They reached the cellar door to which Justin kicked open the doors and the companions followed suit. But what they found, was empty, and a bunch of deactivated clockwork soldiers. Justin managed to find an air vent that was tampered with. Something or someone managed to come in through the vent and find the admiral.
"Wow. I thought this would be a simple plan, but it's not. I hope he did not get himself caught." Wing mentioned. "He's an admiral and a veteran of many wars, of course he's capable of breaking out if need be!" Justin hopped in the air vent, everyone followed, which led outside to 2 sets of footprints. The party followed and hoped that Nathaniel had not gotten himself caught.
To be continued...

Petty Officer
May 30, 2013
{I'm gonna try to add in my own character if ya don't mind :D)

Emma shivered against the icy Polarian winds. She had almost decided not to come, until she saw it involved Armada troops. Immediately she told Sarah and Bonnie to come with her to Polarias. That's when Sarah came up.
"Captain," She began. "May I ask you why we're here?"
Averting her gaze, Emma opened the letter and fumbled with the note, as the winds were getting stronger and threatened to tear the note out of her hands.
"We need help! We're in Polarian lands and surrounded by Armada troops. Kane is-"
Just then the wind ripped the note away, and blew toward an approaching Armada fleet. Emma grabbed her spyglass and stared in horror as the Captain of the Armada fleet triumphantly held up the note after closely reading it. The Armada ships immediately sailed in a new direction, directly toward Abakini Island.
Emma gaped in terror at her first mate. "What have I done?"

Petty Officer
May 30, 2013
BTW this Emma is my Emma (Merciless Emma Jenkins); not the other one. I could totally change the name of her in this roleplay to minimize confusion...

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Nov 05, 2012
As the foursome of Justin's team were about to leave, a large bang was heard behind them. Justin turned around and to his horror, saw a large clockwork covered in some much armor not even daggers could pierce it. He began trembling, and Wing knew he was having a panic attack. This sometimes if not often happened, when Justin was faced with a foe he thought had 125% chance of killing the musketeer, he would start shaking, sweating, and not being able to say what's scaring him. "I have been given strict orders to kill any pirate that draws too close to the armada's operations. Do you really think just because you have an armor piercing rifle, means you will live to tell the tale?" The armada dragoon barked. Justin was on the verge of passing out, when suddenly Wing leaped beside him. "He's right about one thing, his heavy armor is mud with your magical capabilities. You've been my greatest friend for as long as I remember AND we have fought beside each other in every battle! This, is no exception." With Wing by his side, Justin stopped shaking, and prepared for his favorite thing more than anything, boss fights.

(author's note: It looks like a boss fight is taking place. Justin's favorite thing. Will they live, probably. Nikeeta and Jack went off to find help or a friendly evacuation while Justin and Wing provided a distraction. Boss fight coming up, Justin Moone and Wing Chun vs. Armada Dragoon.)

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2012
Abakini Island's air began growing very tense. Justin (1,175 HP) and Wing (1,157 HP) were ready to take on the armada dragoon preventing their escape. Justin tapped a few things on his glasses to gain data on this enemy.
Boss Data: Armada Dragoon Prototype (I just guessed with this.)
Max HP: 2,965
Attack: 95
Defense: 156
Resist: Next to nothing
Attacks known:
Slash, Spark, Double Hit
Type: Steel (Weak to Fire, Fighting (Various punches and kicks) and Ground (Earthquakes!)

After that scan, the fight began! Justin attacked first not by gunfire, but pulled out a different gun, and blasted the dragoon with, big surprise, dubstep. "Fear my dubstep music!" Armada dragoon takes 100 pts. of damage. Wing ran up and did his mega hit, Close Combat. A kick to the head, multiple strikes, and a blast of energy, scoring a total of 247 damage! But, the armada dragoon would not take this lying down. He used his literal hand cannon to electrify itself, and dashed right into Justin, knocking him back into a tree, dealing the captain 89 damage. He shook off the snow and fired off a Bonfire Shot, the dragoon taking 240 damage. And the fight had escalated from there...

To be continued...