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Roleplay 1st

Nov 03, 2012
Hello I'm not new to roleplay but I'm not a pro either and I'm new to the message board and add anything or go into mine so enjoy

Connor Yellowfish: Here brother *hands bags to him* and ask me again why ye became a privateer

Hasty Cyrus: *gets bags* The same reason you became a witchdoctor
Connor Yellowfish: enough said but be careful brother there's a lot of evil pirates that will try to destroy you and take your loot
Hasty Cyrus: yes brother and farewell *looks around his surroundings and he discovers himself at the commodores refuge so he heads into the castle and everything was destroyed the windows, chairs, beds, and but the oddest thing that the giant wheel was not touched or scraped but he heard something down there.
Exeter: shh I hear something upstairs
Ensign Emmet: there's nothing up here the cutthroat pirates are long gone bu-
Sergeant Sheperd: but nothing if there is an enemy up there we will fight so grab your arms
Exeter' Ensign Emmet Together: yes sir
*they all stand guard for the door ready to fire or slash at the target who comes*
Hasty Cyrus: opens it please don't shoot
Sergeant Sheperd: well captain where were you when we needed you the most we were just attacked by cutthroat pirates and had to bolten our defenses down here so they could not get through
Hasty Cyrus: there was a problem at my brothers home with monquista but he's fine now but what are the casualty reports
Sergeant Sheperd: there are none everyone fled or were found by the cutthroat and were hauled off onto their ships
Hasty Cyrus: Hmm shall we go rescue them
Sergeant Sheperd: I'm ready and willing captain and so are they
Ensign Emmet: aye captain
Exeter:aye they'll pay for taking our crew now we will take the offensive

Thanks for reading

Mar 09, 2011
I like the story, it seems neat and stays true to the world of pirate101, but how do I join in?

Nov 03, 2012
To join in give me your name and class and where you want me to pick you up at either a shipyard or me to rescue you in the cutthroat prison and thank you for commenting

Nov 03, 2012
Just tell me your name and class and tell me where you would like me to pick you either at a ship yard or the cutthroats prison thanks

First Mate
Dec 13, 2009
Name: Kai Alcott
Class: Privateer/Former Death Wizard/Bordering on Witchdoctor
At: Cutthroat Prison

Petty Officer
May 30, 2013
OCC: I'll enter a new character I've been working on.
Name: Humble Lilly Collins
Class: Swashbuckler
Where at: Cutthroat Prison