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Roleplay! ^_^

Oct 27, 2009
At Skull Island, the victorious group headed to the tavern, where their adventure had begun, walking in to find Emma pulling a tray of desserts out of the oven. With a round of yum and fruit turn-overs all around they celebrated the defeat of the aztecosaurs, and the return of Skull Island to its normal balmy self.

OOC: With Jack's announcement about role plays, this seems a good place to finish. If you want to continue your cliffhanger over on Central, I look forward to seeing it. What a fun ride, and I loved reading everyone's entries.

Here's what Jack said, if you missed it:
Unfortunately due to an increase in traffic and difficulties in moderation, we're now suspending the creation of new roleplay threads on the message boards.

1- I would encourage active role players to head over to Pirate101 Central for starting any new roleplays for the time being.
2- This suspension is most likely temporary.
3- Those with active role play threads should plan to wrap things up on those role plays before April 29, 2014 or make plans to continue their tales of adventure on Pirate101 Central.