Role play lost in Polaris

Sep 09, 2010
Romantic rebbeca ivring:I will start off this role play with a few sentences
Romantic rebbeca ivring stood in ice cold water,she fell in and her ship got lost,she got sidetracked and went next to Kane somewhere in Polaris
Romantic rebbeca ivring:so we are next to Kane what shall we do?
Ratbeard:we shall yell try to knock some sense into him
Bonnie :yelling is never the answer
Kane wakes up
Kane : you pirate will not escape after the battle you win but you won't be lucky next time
Romantic rebbeca ivring:that was close but we are still lost in Polaris
Feel free to add characters
See you in the spiral

Sep 09, 2010
Can just anyone just read this role play?
PleaseI had no one look at my posts all week

First Mate
Oct 15, 2012
krokotopia pirate on Jan 7, 2014 wrote:
Can just anyone just read this role play?
PleaseI had no one look at my posts all week
Never fear KT pirate! People ignore my roleplays too, but I will post on yours:
A pirate just wakes up, because of a knocking at her door.
I'll be right there! A voice yells.
*door bursts open*
Welcome to me bunkhouse matey!
Yes, I know most people just have there bunkhouse in skull island but I got lost here in Polaris and I just built a new house with the help of Gracie Conrad. But she did most of the work.
Rebeca: Really? I am lost in Polaris too and I need a place to stay. I am Rebeca. Whats your name?
My name is Scarlet, and I am pleased to meet you Rebeca. Well what are you waiting there for! come right in! X makes waving motions x Let me make us some nice hot chocolate and Polarian tea with biscuts and brownies ad I will be right back. x goes in the kitchen then come out 30 seconds later with a tray full of tea, hot chocolate, brownies and biscuits x
Rebeca: X takes tea and a biscut x Wow!! Theses are soooo yummy! And in only 30 seconds!! you are amazing!
Scarlet: Well, don't thank me, thank Madame Vadmida. I am a witchdoctor so I just used a spell.
Oh, I will be right back, there is a knocking on the door Scarlet said. X looks through the peephole x Oh no! Rebeca, run out that back door! Hurry! And let no one see you!!!!
As Scarlet looked out the window she saw her mother.
Scarlet's mom: Scarlet!!! Get out of there, now!!! It's a trap!!!!! X looks at Scarlet a makes shooing motions with her hands x
Scarlet looks at Rebeca then sees Kane. Then she sees the REAL Rebeca out another window.
To be continued...............

Sep 09, 2010
Scarlet:what have I done have I used black magic
Rebecca:no you haven't all you have done is made me realize all of my mistakes...thank you scarlet
Scarlet:are you the real rebbeca or are you just a twin
Rebbeca:you will find out soon enough ha ha!she goes away
The temple of fire is shown along with a gysp using a caldron and which black snakes come out of
She hears a knock at her door
Vanessa:the caldron is burning fetch me some water
Real rebbeca well her mother of course:do you see what you have done?you have ruined my plans to escape Valencia and krokotopia
Vanessa:I thought that this was krokotopia
Real rebbeca mother:no it's not I am afraid it's very cold outside and not stormy you need to bundle up it is in the dead of winter
Vanessa:then i will have to get out of here...bur I can freeze to death
Real rebbeca mother : I thought that you lived here
Vanessa':I don't I am afraid I am used to the warm climate in krokotopia not here where it is frozen
Rebbeca mother:then why did you leave?...starts to throw snow at her
Vanessa:I left because krokotopia was to dangerous and the only way to not freeze here is to have a caldron of burning smoke that is black but it is very deadly
Rebbeca:well I am looking for a ancient place here it's where I used to live it is called crystal village
Vanessa:I used to live there it is very nice
Sees a whole village dead
Rebbeca:who could have done this
Vanessa:Kane and he will be sorry
To be countiued

Jan 02, 2012
After longer observation, the humans see a huge polar bear in battle armor (like from The Golden Compass) shrug off several broken clockwork marines and battle angels that had been piled over him. He has minor wounds, and is very dirty, but looks healthy. The polarian walks on all fours a few feet and pulls his barbed spear out of an Armada officer's smoking cuirass. The sniper officer shoots sparks from his chest and the eye holes of his mask as he says, "You shall not prevail against the Armada. We do not stop. We do not sleep. We will hunt you down to the ends of the spiral. We ..." Smoke pours out of the officer's mouth and he stops moving and talking.
"I have heard it before, you infernal contraption. Ooh la la, ma tete c'est un inferno! Allo! Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Charles De Monet. The war with Marleybone has halted the Armada's destruction of Polaris for now, and I see an opportunity to free her from both the armada and the tyranny of the penguins. Unfortunately, your presence today will get you arrested even though you were not involved with this ambush on an Armada raiding party. We must gather supplies and leave quickly before they return in force. Perhaps you will join me on the way to our base in Crystal Village?" The Polarian loaded a sailing sled with munitions and food. Then he placed 3 of his companions on the binnacle list for bedrest and sent out four scouts in pairs.

Sep 09, 2010
rebbeca walked in magnificent dress clothed in the finest jewels and her shoes and staff are clothed in the same thing
rebbeca: kane is my uncle
Vanessa:he is your uncle
rebbeca;we have a rich history he used to be good until one night someone robbed him of yum then he took some of my magic away and got me stuck here
Vanessa ok some teas and crumpets
rebbeca; these taste like x dies
Vanessa;dangerous stuff now soon I will take over the whole spiral ha ha

Sep 09, 2010

Rebbeca:sounds like some evil is brewing

Vanessa/younger self:oh you are the nicest sister ever
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