role play!

Gunner's Mate
Jul 08, 2013
hey pirates this is my first role play so jump in anytime i'm gonna use my for this maybe ill add my other pirates later

it started like any other normal day i was heading back to skull island to see the commodore for some training when i got there the town was empty for some reason i headed to the commodores office hello? i said but he was gone when i headed out i went to see Avery where the commodore his but he was gone to what in the world everybody is gone! i said i went to the docks and i saw a armada ship what? i said and i quickly jumped to a bush while i saw the armada march why are they doing here? i thought i quietly followed them and then i saw rookie i can't take all of them i gotta get some help i thought then i quickly hoped back to my ship and set sail

sorry if my grammar was bad anyway feel free to join in anytime!