robot companion!

Feb 20, 2010
I'm not going to suggest that we get Bishop or Deacon or Rooke, as cool as that would be. I'm talking about the Marleybone ones. a Robo-Butler, a Steam Golem, a Iron Furnace,or a Clockwork mage. I know KingsIsle reads this posts to check and see if they are kid-friendly, but you should also send good ideas to the people upstairs. you know you want to!

Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013
Bishop IS the Clockwork Mage.

I would love these! I'd want

Smokey Joe-Iron Golem

HP: 980

Speed: Normal

Strength: 41

Will: 25

Abilities: Buccaneer Strike, Brutal Charge, Rally

Talents: Vengeance Strike, Relentless, Blade Storm.

Well, how do you like my idea?