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Revive Pirate101

Aug 18, 2010
i been playing since beta i have put alot of time into the game i play wizard too but my love is pirate why cant you see that the phone games are a bad investment you need to show love were it is given i am disabled and i stock trade on the side you need to put in better then you getting out. if you had some i would buy stocks of pirate. wizard is going good Give people a reason to stay with pirate i see new people starting everyday but when asked about updates when told no they do not get membership sincerly Spunknott

Jul 15, 2009
The lack of attention to this thread from developers really breaks my heart. I've literally been playing Pirate101 basically since its launch, I can't even count how many years I've had this membership. I'm over halfway through college and I've been playing this game since elementary school. I treasure this game so dearly; it was so obviously once deeply cared for. I love this game so much more than Wizard101 because the characters feel so much more real, the worlds are so much more stunning, the fight style is, in my opinion, much more preferable to Wizard101's. There's so many aspects about this game that just make it astronomically better than Wizard101; I played both as children, obviously, but Pirate101 is the one that stayed consistently more enjoyable, and the world- and character-building is just something that I find close to unmatched. The sheer amount of effort and time and thought that was so obviously put into this game makes me so confused as to why KingsIsle won't put forward just the tiniest bit more to keep their fans interested.

Bat keeps saying that "they're at the same stage" as 2019, in which they simply said they weren't planning on anything. This just feels like a blatant admission that nothing will continue to get done except for the same seasonal updates we've been getting for years. Why? There was so much put into this game; it almost feels it was more cared for than Wizard101. Or, at least, it certainly did before Wizard101 started getting such a disproportionate amount of updates and developments. There were clearly so many people who put so much love and thought into Pirate101, and there was such a loyal and loving fanbase. I still probably won't get rid of my subscription even yet; I love this game so much, I wish so deeply it would be updated.

I just ask why? Are there not enough resources? Are there not enough players? I beg of KI to just be honest about why they're neglecting Pirate101. Please just be honest if it will ever even be touched again. People who continue to pay and hold out hope deserve to know if Pirate101 is going to continue to just rot on its servers. :(

Nov 23, 2011
It is an awesome game. I hope that some day they may remember to feed it.