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Random New Companions

Feb 08, 2014
Ahoy fellow marauders, I have in out-game life made new companions .Tell me what you think about them and maybe make up some of your own.

Private Swenson-
Dog Raider
appearance-flag depending army coat,high boots, with naval officer's hat
weapon-Battle-Axe maybe a sword
powers-epic strike,mighty charge

1st promotion
Dog axemen
appearance-longer coat with lace trim,fancier boots
weapon-pole axe
powers-mega strike,brutal charge,rouse

2nd promotion
Dog Halberdier
Appearance-Heavy-Duty armour,large iron boots
Weapon-Massive Halberd
Powers-super strike,vicious charge,rally,revive

Dojomedo Shantititsu
cow swordsman
appearance-simple robe,scar on left cheek
weapon-basic katana
powers-epic strike

1st promotion
master cow swordsman
appaerence-steel gauntlets,steel breastplate,tunis underneath
weapon-larger katana
powers-mega strike,shadowdance

2nd promotion
Master Cow Swordsman
Appearance-Full set of armour,silk robe underneath,horned iron helmet
Weapon-Two katanas with fancy hilt and gems inlaid in hilt
Powers-Super strike,grand shadowdance,black fog,assassin's strike,valor's armour

So I hope you liked these two companions (I will make more)Please comment.If they need to be improved,deproved,enhanced,whatever!Feel free to comment or leave your replies.

Reckless Austin Strong

Jan 15, 2013
They sound cool, so far!
There was one thing I found slightly confusing though. Would they all be buccaneers, or what?