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Question About The Team Up Ledger

Jun 10, 2013
When interacting with the team up ledger I have noticed only 1 team for each dungeon on the screen at a time. What if there were 2 groups of say 3 pirates that were friends that both used the team up feature for The Tower Of Moo Manchu, what would happen? Would 2 team ups appear on the ledger, would the second group be not put together until the first group got into the dungeon?

Oct 27, 2009
I think the latter would happen, but if no one joined the first group of 3 from the ledger, before the first person of the second group hit team up, that person would be added as the last person of the first team. To be sure the teams were with who they wanted to be with, I'd wait till the others entered Moo. If all 6 hit team up at once, you'd have one team of 4 enter, and 2 waiting for team up. Who would be on those teams would depend on which four KI registered entering team up first.