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Question About Pets

Jul 20, 2010
Hey Pirates and/or wizards!

Can someone please tell me where you can get pets in Pirate101 besides the Crowns shop? I need to know the type of pet if possible, and where the quest can be found. Thanks,

Sydney Everhart, Level 12 musketeer
Scarlet Icerider level 54 Ice

Oct 24, 2010
So far you cannot get a pet other then the bundle or the crown shop.

Every boss has a small chance to drop a pet.

In the early Skull Island chapters, try farming Marcus, Fin Dorsal, and most of the Rat Pack bosses. (The Rat Pack side quest chain offers a ton of great boss farming opportunities!)

In Cool Ranch, try Johnny Ringo, Monterrey Jack, El Guapo, or Santa Rana.

Sep 08, 2008
Ooh, I was actually wondering which bosses I could farm in Cool Ranch, similiar to farming Fin Dorsal.

I just reached Cool Ranch yesterday, and was mentally preparing myself for a good grinding session at some point or another. xD

Oct 28, 2012
Hey Ratbeard THANKS for the info!

I have 6 pirates who I would like to get fixed up with pets. I've purchased 2 in the crown shop but don't have the cash for any more at the moment.

I went farming in one of the areas you suggested and after BOATLOADS of battles I ended up with Scrappy Winston. YEAH YAY!

However somewhere in there I also ended up with a Commodore Rocco, BUT Scrappy Winston disappeared!

Well, off to the farm...

Sep 08, 2008
There seemed to be a little bug that changed pet's names going in and out of dungeons or zones. This by now has been fixed, I believe.

Share your information on what pet you got and where?

May 02, 2009
I've gotten an Orchid Chameleon from Ratbeard (in Kraken Skulls Cellar), Iago, and Count Bistillo de Brass (in Tradewinds), and Cumba Wumba. I got a Tropical Sky Snake from Butch and Sundance, I got an Ebon Spectre from Shan Hong and General Tso and I got an Aramadillo Verde from Crazy Horn.