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PvP Stories!

May 24, 2009
Explain your best PvP experiences!

Mine was when I was on a team with beginner Pirates and the other team had a lvl 65 Swashbuckler and a lvl 25 Musketeer. My teams beginner Pirates got taken out of the battle quickly, which left only me against 2 higher leveled Pirates. I decided to take out the Swashbuckler first. The Swashbuckler got 1 of my companions, and the other 2 were weak. I had Old Scratch with about 100 HP left, and Ratbeard with only about half left. The Swashbuckler just wouldn't defeat Old Scratch! He decided to do a Walk in Shadows, but my Old Scratchs AoE defeated the Swashbuckler and 1 of his companions! I had 2 companions left, while he had 2 strong ones! This guy still didnt defeat Old Scratch, because he was trying to defeat me! I used a Walk in Shadows, and quickly picked each of his remaining companions off one by one. If only he defeated Old Scratch, the battle would have turned out completely different. After I defeated him, I defeated the lvl 25 in about 2 turns. He killed my Ratbeard though!

Have a Great Day! Lvl 65