Puzzling question thread

Feb 02, 2013
Post any puzzling questions here for the community to answer such as

1) if its 10 times better then the leading brand why isnt it the leading brand?

2)if dentist make their money off of your bad teeth, why would you trust a product 4/5 recommand?

3)what if Pinocchio said my nose will now grow?

I look forward to seeing your puzzling questions and answers

Gunner's Mate
Jun 27, 2013
Number Three is a paradox. If he says that his nose will grow now, and he's telling the truth, then his nose will grow. But if it grows, then that means he's telling a lie, and the statement would actually mean that his nose wont grow. But if that's the true meaning, then his nose shouldn't have grown in the first place, so that means he's lying, which means that the statement "my nose will grow now" is true, and the cycle starts over again.

That is all I got.

These are my paradoxes:

1) Everything I say is a lie.

2) What if you go back in time to kill your grandfather.

3) What if someone said,"Its opposite day today."