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Prepaid game cards

Aug 04, 2016
How come you cant get a prepaid card in target, circle k, and general dollar store.

Gunner's Mate
Sep 07, 2014
Having had same question some time back i have spoken to the people working in various stores that are sell the game cards.

The individual stores have Zero control as to what they carry. Corporate office makes all the decisions as to what products will be in which stores.

Pirate101 prepaid cards are definitely much harder to find than Wizard101 ones. In fact, I get super excited whenever I see them in person!

My Toys R Us usually carries them, but I haven't found them anywhere else. I did get really lucky one time and found an Empire Bundle at a GameStop awhile back. I tried purchasing it, but the cashier couldn't ring it up. They ended up giving me an e-code for it and took the rest of the P101 cards off the display.

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Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
You can use Wizard101 prepaid cards equally in both games. In my area, Family Dollar & Dollar General have both stopped carrying these game cards ( as well as few others ) people were scamming with these cards, returning them to the store to get a refund of cash.
My local CVS now requires you to sign a waiver, if the card doesn't work, you must contact KI to work it out; CVS will no longer refund card purchases.