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Pirates, you must see this topic now!

Petty Officer
Feb 24, 2013
As you pirates may not notice, after the new update with the moo manchu tower and all, all swashbuckler companions has the allowance to be given tough talents. Tough talents increase your companions' health. Well, seeing that swashbucklers has low health, Kingsisle has given us an opportunity to give all swashbuckler companions extra health by using tough talents. For those of you who are max levels, immediately reset your swashbucklers and train tough talents to your swashbucklers! The tough talents are not on the first page of talents, but they are on the second page of talents. Click the arrow pointing right once, then look at the bottom of the page. You will see a heart, and the word tough. Click on it 5 times, and poof! Your companions have been given more health! Note: The tough talent will be on the bottom of the page if you look for it first. But if you get other talents before getting tough, it won't be on the bottom, but it will be on the second page still. Good luck out there, mateys!

May 31, 2009
Yup, swashy companions can get Tough now! (yay!) I personally haven't reset mine yet because I'm a bit low on gold due to the amount of pet morphing I've been doing lately. Once I get some loose change I'll make sure to hide it from Ratbeard (he takes it to buy Yum, you know) and reset a few of my "Squishy Swashbucklers", aka Sarah Steele and Fan Flanders due to their lack of armor (and health, obviously)-- a mistake on my part that I've been too lazy and poor to fix at the moment!