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Pirates against Wizards...

Feb 29, 2012
Hello again, mes amis! I'm glad to see my Roleplay thread is doing pretty well... Oh, what is with me today? Apologies for getting sidetracked... Have some four layers salted caramel chocolate cake with some herbal tea? Or some truffles?

So, today's a bit of a different topic from my other ones... Hmm, what if Pirates and Wizards met at one point, but became aggressive at the potential threat to one another's sides of the Spiral? Do you think that the Pirates would succumb to the spectacular display of spells, or would the Wizards fall to the heavy weaponry of the Pirates?

Post your opinions here!

See ya in the Skyways!
Sneaky Emma Everhart

Feb 20, 2010
The high-level Myth Wizard cornered the Musketeer. He said, " Now, we begin our combat in the circle!" After the combat began, Dolan shot The Myth wizard(Ronan) in the thigh with his gun on tazer mode and just about ended the fight. Ronan mumbled, " At least it did not take as long as one of off my stupidly long boss battles......which is why I decided to let some other "young Wizard" kill Morganthe.

Sep 20, 2009
I'd say due to the tactics of the Pirates, the Wizards really wouldn't stand a chance. I view the Wizards kind of as the "Jedi Knights" of the Spiral, they've too many rules, and Pirates really don't have any. The wizards may have mighty spells, but they fight by standing stock still in an arcane circle throwing spells back and forth and still managing to miss their intended targets. I really don't think that a wizard could deal with a musketeer's traps and long range attacks and especially not with swashbucklers randomly appearing out of thin air behind the wizards' backs.

Petty Officer
Jun 06, 2009
It depends on what lvl they're at, if they're at even lvls. At the lower lvls the wizard would win easily because, since pirates have so little health in the beginning, one thundersnake or something related would wipe them out in one hit. But, as you get to the higher lvl, about 50 or above, the pirate would win because the wizard would have to keep waiting for pips while the pirate could get 200 plus damage each round. Both those are just with the PC. With companions, the scale tips dramatically in the pirate's favor past lvl 15.
-Brave Samantha Nightingale lvl 54
-Sneaky Sarai Nightingale lvl 12

Jun 23, 2012
Scarlet would crush Scarlet. XD

In other words, if my characters met, Freeman would end up below decks in what serves as the infirmary, badly shocked. And not because Nightdreamer had said something mean. Windlass would be looking for lots of warm sweaters if she met up with Unicornglade.

And yes, I use the same names for my pirates and wizards so I'm using their last names.

Scarlet Freeman/Nightdreamer, level 60 Swashbuckler and level 90 Diviner
Alura Windlass/Unicornglade, level 15 Witchdoctor and level 45 Thaumaturge

Mar 30, 2011
hmmm surely my life wizard could fully cure my witchdocters hexs and finsh him of with really strong forest lord plus my life wiszard has more health my wizard wins

Gunner's Mate
Jun 15, 2009
If my characters met well.... er .... um....... the world would END boom anyone who knows me would know why

Feb 29, 2012
Personally, my wizards against pirates, it would all depend...

Emma S vs Emma E... Emma (pirate) is doomed. A level 34 against a level 74... Kinda obvious. XD however, Emma managed to survive through Beachhead AND Spoke A, while she was level 32, and she's a toughie with Bonnie, Wing, and Ridolfo with her (soon El Toro to join), so it would depend. Emma takes forever to get her pips, blades, and other buffs for Judgement, though with a little luck either could win. Oh, and Emma soloed Miranda today.

Keira A vs Keira M... It all depends, A had accuracy issues, while M is pretty awesome. However, M has low health, so I'd say that one goes to Necromancer A.

Brooke vs Savvy, that's a hard one. Savvy has some awesome companions, decent health, and expert dodges, while Brooke is a Stormy and not as accurate. So Savvy owns that one.

Amy against Esmee. Myth against Buccaneer... Yea, Amy. Amy could own Esmee.

Those are just my pirates and wizards... XD


Jul 27, 2012
Well, if the wizards can build up enough power first, they would easily beat the pirates. A surprise attack at close range, would give a definite edge to the pirates. But I think we are all too reasonable for it to come to much harm:

Anne Radcliffe, drenched to the skin by a tempest attack tossed off at low power (but still plenty strong!) by the surprised Storm Mage, Ginelle Goldenflower, "Wait, why are you attacking us?"

Ginelle, warily holding back her staff for just a moment, "Attacking you? You are the ones attacking! You're pirates!"

Anne: "Well, yes, but it's not what it sounds like. Really." Shakes her head, realizing this explanation sounds lame even to her. "Look, can we just go and talk about this politely?"

Ginelle, lowering staff: "Very well. Please be my guests at the Grizzleheim home I built with my own magics, and accept a hospitable bowl of potato soup and freshly baked bread."

Anne, somewhat intimidated by the 'home I built with my own magics' thing, but knowing she had won her point. Besides, the food sounded good, and who knows when the next meal would come? "Now you're talking. We accept..."

Petty Officer
Jan 01, 2013
Maybe they would be so equal in power that a war started, and since no one could defeat the other the war lasted for eons(millions of years).

Gunner's Mate
Oct 11, 2012
Personally, it depends on what battle they are fighting in. If they fought in a circle, wizards have a good chance for winning because they can build up power and are massively stronger than us pirates. If we fight on a battle board, we could beat them because while we have dodging and accuracy, wizards have no dodging and have to take in all the damage. I also heard on another topic that points out the fact that wizards have a limit for how many spells they can cast per battle.
all and all, They would be evenly matched.

Impish Omar Underwood