Pirate101 ranked pvp, WHEN?

Dec 21, 2009
Hi kingisle, when is ranked pvp gonna start, and if it does start soon when will tournaments come in?

Sep 18, 2010
Personally, ranked PvP is not needed in Pirate101, you've got a lot more wide open spaces to spawn ideals...and with ranked PvP comes disaster like in Wizard101. It's beginning to be controlling it...and the spells these days even seem to be made for PvP...

Mar 09, 2011
Please, no ranked pvp. I do fairly well in pvp with my ice wizard in w101 but I always feel so nervous when I see people, especially multiple people, wearing a warlord's armor. It's certainly intimidating, and it looks cool, but it doesn't make me feel very good. Also back when I had text chat (*says in old lady voice* back when there were no telephones...) a lot of people were rude to me. Even as a menu chat I just always KNOW when they get hostile. Especially when I beat a warlord: that usually makes people go nuts, although it definitely boosts my own self-esteem. So please, no ranked pvp. I feel this game would take a dive if there was ranked pvp.
However, that's just my opinion. Yours is yours and I respect that: I won't be upset if there's Ranked pvp. I hope you do well!

~Elizabeth, level 16 ~