Pirate101 Power Ideas plz read!

Sep 02, 2012
Ahoy Pirates! Do you have an idea of a new power? Then leave your power ideas here! Here are the rules:
1. Dont make a strong power like instantly kills all enemies or things
2. You can make your own name for your power just dont make an inappropriate or a name that insults people
3. Have fun with it!

Ok so here is an example of creating one

(Name of power)
(Use of power)
(Range of power)
(Buffs or Debuffs)
(Special abilities with the power)
(How long buff,overtime or traps last) Only if your power leaves overtime damage or traps and buffs

Ok so here is an example of a power

Use: Infects a enemy and spreads to other people nearby
Range: Infinite
Debuffs: Infected
Specials: Does overtime damage
How long it lasts: 15 turns

Hope you have fun with your powers your making up!


Gunner's Mate
Jun 15, 2009
Name: Explosion
range around you
sacrifice half health to do that amount damage to all around you including allys