Pirate101 Hero for Super Smash Bros 4!

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Nov 05, 2009
Heya guys, On my Facebook page Villager's Mewtwo I'm making a Super Smash Brothers For Wii U and 3ds Character roster. On the roster I thought I'd put the Hero/Heroine (Aka the playable character) because I think they deserve a spot in the game more then any other video game character!
First off he/she are from a highly popular franchise.
Secondly they can have an interesting and unique move set.

I thought of a special move-set as well as a final smash for the character so I hope you like it!

Special: Canister Shot- The Pirate shoots a cannon ball out of their musket which travels fast but not very far, but when it makes contact with something it will immediately explode.
Side Special: Gambit of Steel- Its sort of like Meta Knights Special Move but more powerful and faster but it doesn't last as long (Basically he/she grabs 2 daggers and starts spinning furiously towards whichever direction you chose to go).
Down Special: Vengeance Strike-Its like Marth's/Ike's/Lucario's Down special Counter but this is way more powerful and the Pirate still takes damage (Pirate does not get pushed back or goes flying of the stage) (So they endure the attack and then they strike back with an even more powerful attack)
Up Special: Shadow Step- Like in Pirate101 the player enters a diamond shape portal and vanishes. After that another diamond shaped portal opens up in the direction your moving towards and the Pirate re-appears out of that portal.

Final Smash: Rallying Call
A flag rises behind the Pirate and they blow a trumpet. Then various companions start wreaking havoc on the stage e.g. El Toro, Bonnie Anne, Ratbeard etc.

Hope you like my idea! I know this probably won't happen but one can dream Right now all I can come up with for the name is 'Pirate' (Its so original XD) I chose the Girl Playable character on the roster for the page as there is WAY more guys then girls in the game which is wrong. You guys got any ideas for their name?

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