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Pirate101 comedy thread.

Oct 15, 2012
Hey guys im gonna make a comedy post for all jokes i am gonna tell there gonna be kinda story-ish and funny.
so stay tuned for jokes.
silver joseph vane

Oct 15, 2012
shrek's divorce.
shrek:onion,i cant deal with it anymore
Shrek:I'm getting a divorce
shrek:well see ya in a few hours or two...but you will look kinda diffrient.
*shrek than eats the onion*
and than a train with deacon's head on it runs over shrek.
Silver joseph:Omg deacon killed shrek.
Subodai:you...oh nevermind.
Ratbeard:i heard you do a certain something before you die you....actually never mind.

Oct 15, 2012
(backstory:The teufort nine finds a magic television that can show any tv network ever even those not made in the 1960s-70s and than i went through the wrong stormgate and crashes in the valve universe during the 1960s-70s and everyone gets addicted to a certain show spy invites everyone to his house they cant decide to watch so they have a debate on which to watch)
The great tf2 tv debate.
Spy:gentlemen?my little pony
Sniper:noe,doctor who
engineer:tec-no,duck dynasty.
Heavy:NO! gravity falls!
Demo:No! Spongebob
Pyro:mphmphypmphymphymph(translation:no,the powerpuff girls
Scout:No! South park.
Me:No,avatar-the last airbender.
Bonnie anne:teen titans i guess?
sarah steele:no,hey arnold
deacon:oh please,ducktales.
medic:nein' johnny test
everyone but medic:NOBODY LIKES JOHNNY TEST.
(moral of the story,johnny test sucks.)