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Pirate101 arc 2: Legend of Davy Jones

Gunner's Mate
Nov 01, 2012
I just decided to make this thread and talk about the second arc of pirate101 tell me what you guys think of mine and you can make up your plot to the second arc too because a lot of us have great ideas here is my version of the second plot:
The Armada is destroyed no one left of them and we have found el dorado we have taken so much gold and then we find our father and mother at last they are very excited to see us and then they warn us about something very important they tell us that though we broke the armada for good their is a danger much more worse than them and it is Davy Jones they tell us that Davy Jones was once known as the greatest pirate their ever was and nothing could stop him and his crew but one day they were going after a powerful evil raven sorcerer that could give anyone as much power as they wanted if they brought him a scale from a dragon and so Davy Jones did and Davy Jones asked for complete power over all seas and all sea monsters and making him and his crew immortal so the sorcerer granted his wishes but with some curses as well on Davy Jones and his crew he made them immortal but Davy Jones had to cut out his heart and put in a chest and if someone were to pierce the heart it would kill Davy Jones and his crew would be under that persons command and Davy Jones was granted both wishes of control of the sea and sea monsters but with that he and his crew began to look like sea creatures and Davy Jones controlled the sea but only the one he sailed his ship on he could control. Davy Jones grew angry at first but still accepted it and went off he was unstoppable and took down anything that stood in his way. But the reason our parents were warning us of him was because a magic star found only in el dorado can lead you to the chest of Davy Jones if you throw it in the air Davy Jones figured out that we have it and will come after us to get it so they tell us to follow the crystal to the chest and stab the heart of Davy Jones
Tob be continued...