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Pirate Poems

Dec 21, 2009
Hi! I know there are a lot of people who are good poets. Why not post one or all of them here? I really wanna see the creativity you guys have.

Here's my poem below.

Stolen gold was foretold to me. My Parents ye see were among the pirates across the skies, and they were at a loss for a life without risk. With sword and knife I was taught when I was a wee lad. I have a glad heart for I know one day they will not be apart from me.

Jul 27, 2012
Well, since Anne grew up in MooShu, I thought a haiku form would be appropriate:

Winds shifting colors,
The skies change under our sails -
Sweet breath of freedom.

Virtuous Anne Radcliffe

Gunner's Mate
Dec 31, 2009
This one was an old contest entry of mine. Unfortunately, it didn't make the cut. However, it's still a favorite of mine.

Thoughts Preceding an Impossible Rescue

It is I, the hunted,
Setting foot on what docks
Laced with bronze screws and mildew
Have beckoned my name since I took to the skies.
What defeat is it that I endure?
Simply the thought of my sister-in-arms
Scratching the iron bars out of the madness engulfing her
Is enough to make me try.
Is this defeat at all?, I wonder,
Kicking a gear aside and into the wind.
It is only a show that mustn't take intermission
For golden coins or bottles of Yum.
My defeat, at all
Is the hilarity of getting away once more.

Note for clarity: This piece is based off of a pirate's quest to save
her friend from the clutches of the Armada, sacrificing a large amount
of gold. She realizes after docking that things will be much harder
than expected.

Nice thread! (Anne, I love the haiku!)

D.S. Devereaux

First Mate
Dec 12, 2011
Happy days, enjoyed by all
Slay bells rung with Christmas cheer
Belle was the name I was called
I was free, with nothing to fear...

Then arose such a clatter
Out there, in the morning cold
Little did I know, my life would be shattered
By robotic men, with no soul...

I was six at the time, going onto seven
When my father was destroyed, along with my mother
When I watch as my parent's ship, fell through the Heavens
After I stole onto a lifeboat, sailing to seek cover...

Now here I am again, locked in a cage
Waiting for my chance of freedom, to reveal my rage...

*Eh, this is what I came up with. I'm not that much into poetry, but I figured, why not (i enjoy commenting on these types of threads). Here's a poem about how I was orphaned

Feb 29, 2012
I LOVE poetry! Des, Anne, noahdd, such nice poetry. I like it a lot. I figured I should try too, because I'm told I'm good at poetry, but meh. I'm going to try writing a quatrain...

Song of Skull Mountain

Haze shrouds the jungle from view,
As an orchestra of Skarakeets sound their song,
Forgotten was all we rue,
While they continue to fly along.

Forget the torment and pain,
Whistle quietly as clouds group together,
And with heart captivated by the song of the rain,
We consider staying here forever.

Skull Mountain shares so many songs,
Which some never notice at all,
But come now, forget your wrongs
And listen to the mountain's call.


Sheesh... That wasn't my best. Urgh, I need to get back into poetry... Now my last poem was actually good...


Feb 27, 2009
The Clockworks of Valencia

From those stormy skies down to below
Those machines they make and the Gondolas they row/
Those clockworks walk around Valencia with fear.
These clockworks, they make us hear.
As they march, every citizen is shrouded by fear
The unicorns say oh dear.
Oh they run when a cannonball is launched in the sky
They shout out my oh my.
They fear the Clockworks
but they have one hope
The Pirates
They save the day.
Next is the Haiku of Mooshu
Haiku of Mooshu
Oh, those rocks of land
Those mighty cliffs of Mooshu
They are beautiful

Dec 21, 2009
Thanks and nice poem. Anne by the way, if you make more haikus i would love to hear them.
Highlander Fox love your poem too it was very good. Belle, if that was your first peace i wonder what the second one will be like, probably as good as that .

Dec 21, 2009
Here's a piece of poetry below. Hope you like it.

To the pirate code I sing
This ode of lost treasure
And the cost of greed.

We had just raised anchor
And let the sails fall when
We heard the call.

The call of treasure beyond
All measure. The strife we
Caused a knife in the side.

I tell you true that I had a
Knife in me side and I
Almost died until...

Until we found a fount.
What could it be? I
Did think until I took a
Drink and found it ran
With yum!

O it ran with yum me
Chum it did. I ran
And hid when I saw
A sight to see, and then
I looked again, this time
I did not run in fright
For it gave of a light.

A light of old and a light
Of gold. It was a statue
It was and it was made
Of gold! And then broke
out a fight.

And to this night if I try to
Remember hard enough
I can almost hear the raging
Battle over the hoard.

Because of greed this deed
Was done yes indeed many
bloods were mixed that day
And are now washed away
by the rain to wash away the
stain of the of the lore.

Ugh, not my best work. Way too long and at the last part i dont think people will think it makes sense.

First Mate
Dec 12, 2011
pt. 2

"Down, she's gonna blow!" was what I could hear
As I was sitting in that rotting cage
I've been trapped here, for too many years
Too many years, holding in my rage...

Then I saw someone as they were coming my way
I thought I was hallucinating, for it looked like Saint Nick
His monkey friend looked at me, and just had to say

"Is this the pirate we're looking for?" I felt a little homesick...

They tried to break me free when I told them what I recall
When they couldn't, I felt like I was gonna cry
Cannon balls flew as one managed to take out the back wall
I was almost free, but stopped to save someone named Subodai...

Now here I am with my crew, stationed in Valencia for another go
My rage has been released, thanks to those robotic men in that fatal morning snow...

Oct 29, 2012
i have sailed across the sky's.looking for fame and treasure.but all the gold I've seen.....has not to be pleasured. all the time in my hand's has faded away.... nothing to pry it out at, hey, i tried. nothing to do but to ride. on all... those.... skiffs.

it's not perfect but i tried.