Pet Wranglin times

Petty Officer
Jan 09, 2010
When did completion times for Pet Wranglin' change? Sent some companions off yesterday Pet Wranglin' and just went to give them new orders today to find that only four have completed their task, the rest are showing strange times left to run (from hours to many days).. eg:

1H 18M
4H 59M
9H 13M
14H 6M
7D 4H
8D 7H
12D 15H
13H 23H
13H 23H

Last I remember almost all of my pets could complete Pet Wranglin tasks in one day.

Nov 23, 2011
Well, the simple answer to your question is they changed with this week's update (adding the changes that had been in the Test Realm for two weeks). To go with this change, supposedly higher-level companions will now find more powerful snacks than they used to.

The rapidity of the increase, up to an apparent max of fourteen days, struck me as well. Two weeks, and then someone's going to still have a chance of not finding a snack at all? Blech! They better find some nice stuff for that much time investment. I guess I will know in about twelve more days...


The Pet Wranglin' task was quite generous with the launch of both the new Pets system as well as the new Companions system.

The timers for Pet Wranglin' have now been set in line with the timers for the other activities. To compensate for the longer timers, you will find that high level companions are less likely to come back with no snacks, and also more likely to come back with higher level snacks.

Petty Officer
Jan 09, 2010
Thanks Indigo,

I missed it in the update and havn't been on the Test server for while now.

The odd huge jumps in the time required does look like a bug however, gong straight from 14 hours to 7 days dosn't seem quite right. Maybe it is a once off thing that was dependent on what your pets where in the process of doing at the time of the update.

Like you I'm going to leave all my pets on their tasks, just to see what the 14 days ones return :)