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Pet Peeves?

Jun 23, 2012
I know I have quite a few pet peeves in game. I guess this is just a place to talk about them.

My first one would be people who think they can power level through nautical levels. To my knowledge, it's not possible AND if the lower level ship were caught by another enemy ship they would be in deep trouble. Had my first experience with one this afternoon. At first she was polite, but after informing her that I wouldn't help her she started to show blatant disrespect. She didn't break any rules, but I now, unfortunately, have another name to add to an ignore list.

I'd like to say to all the people who try this that doing this won't really be very effective. You're not gaining any experience by having a higher level pirate carry you through the fights. This experience becomes very important later on in the game, as if you level up quickly you soon won't be able to fight your own ship battles too well and you'll have to call friends in to help you a lot or be boarded all the time.

My next pet peeve is rude players. I don't like seeing people being rude to others and if it gets too out of hand I try to intervene by asking them to stop and take it to a house or another private place. The characters you see aren't just pixels, there are humans behind them with real emotions and they CAN be effected by rude words in game. Think before saying something on here. It's not that difficult and it's better than being banned for saying something rude.

Sarcastic Scarlet Freeman, level 65