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Pet Arr Believe it!

May 25, 2014
[Enters the Tavern, with my Golden Fox Pet Running Next to Me]

Greetings Monsieurs and Mademoiselles of the Piratical Spiral,

Yes I know, the pirate captain looks rather dashingly handsome and roguishly dangerous as would any other swashbuckler of his type, however he's not the one who's talking. That's right, look down....

[Golden Fox Pet Jumps onto the nearest Barstool]

I'm the "Golden Fox", and the name's Sly Solomon Slickpelt. Try saying that one fast. *wink*
Allow me to just say, I think we pets are soooo underestimated at times. I mean who do you think really is the brains behind every single pirate adventure the "captain" goes on? Who is his motivation, the shoulder angel/devil that whispers into the captain's ear? The one that the crew really looks upto in each and every battle because of the number of times we Pets sacrifice our own lives over and over so that the crew can find victory? Why its the Pet of course.

I am stepping up today to tell you a little bit more about myself, and I would like to then invite any of the other pets brave enough to speak up, and introduce and tell us a little more about themselves.

-Name: Sly Solomon Slickpelt, "the Captain's Captain"

-Level/Rank: ~101~
Pirate101 is still catching up to me, still 31 more levels to go.

-Favorite Snack: Chicken,Pineapple and Onion Kebab

-Favorite Workout: Fire Poi
(Disclaimer: One of the four elemental Poi Dances, Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth, which do not exist in P101)

-Backstory: Now how we pets each came to "owning" the pirate crew, whether your captain will admit it or not is different for all of us. For some, we were stolen as eggs from dangerous smugglers, or you could buy our valuable services at the local market. I was in the middle of taking down a group of clockworks all by myself when "my" captain came in with his own crew and after asking to join in with his crew he said "Yes."

-Fun Fact: Did you know to my utter horror that my captain didn't even have a proper written down Pirate Code for his crew. Why it wasn't until I sat down myself, took one of his old maps used it as parchment, and wrote him what he now has for the Pirate Articles which each and every new crew member must sign after passing their test to join in the crew.

Favorite Sidequest: Now we know that all the infamous pirates in some way or another has helped fight off Kane, and well I am not allowed to disclose what happens next because that would be spoiling the fun of you figuring it out. Which is why I did say favorite Sidequest.

There was this one particular sidequest that took the crew and I to Polaris where we ended up helping a local fisherman pay off his rather high debt which he owed the local Polarian Mafia/Gang. That was a fun one. Poor captain had to wear a fish costume during one portion of it.

That's all for now.

I turn it over to you now.
What's your favorite in-game P101 pet. Don't be shy and tell us about em. I look forward to hearing your stories.

Golden Fox