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Nuatical XP blowout

Sep 23, 2012
Nautical XP Blowout
What - Nautical leveling and farming
Where – Any Aquilain skyways (mob ships, turrets, or skyway bosses)
When - August 12th
12:00 to 1:30 Pacific Time
Why: To nautical level, get drops, and have fun
Ship: Any but preferably better than a raft.
Level: Any but you need access (if you don’t PM me and we’ll work something out.)
Extras – If you need help doing something whether it’s a dungeon or farming friar sand I’m sure someone will help.
Confirmation – Please thank this post to confirm your coming and feel free to drop in even if you don’t.

Community Leader
I think you forgot about the delay between when you post and when it actually shows up.

If I may make a suggestion. If you want to hold an event like this a great place to list it is at:

You can add all the details and other Stormgate Pirate members will be able to see and join your event.

Normally its best to schedule these things for several days in advance no matter where you post it.