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no trade, the WRONG side of it

Gunner's Mate
Oct 12, 2010
I'm here to state yet another "No-Trade" item that I just received (at the time I'm typing this). I actually have two. I just received "The Wood Guardian's Blossom", and the "Fire Guardian's Medallion". The Wood Guardian's Blossom gives the ability "Druid's Chant". Druid's Chant lets you summon a Treant, it looks like the Wood Guardian. The Fire Guardian's Medallion gives the ability "Burning Palm". Burning Palm makes a shot, I cannot describe what it looks like except for the fact that it's fire. Alas, I cannot be very happy. I received them on the Test Realm. Sadly they are not purely mine. I just battled the Wood Guardian once, and it's the same with the Fire Guardian. After that, I was as happy as happy could be, until, I found out that I was on the Test Realm.