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May 02, 2009
Apparently, there's a lot of commotion on Wizard101 Central claiming that Ninja101 is KI's third game and is going to be released in the summer of 2014. This is most likely some trolls' doing, but I'm just here to inform KI and those of you who don't know about it. Feel free to deny the statements. Also they say that Polaris is not going to be in P101 nor W101 but in N101.

Oct 15, 2010

No, I don't believe this will happen, one, because they cannot develop a game in short of two years, and, two, for the longest time before Pirate101 was announced, there was a gray square on's "Products" page saying, "Second Project Coming Soon!"

Although... When ya think about it... Ninja sounds preeety cool..... Nevermind.

Jun 07, 2012

i think ninja101 is not a bad idea you know basicaly the schools could be:ice,fire,storm,earth and the principal character could be a sensei and the adventure start in mooshu it is avery cools idea, for me

Nov 28, 2008
I disregarded both posts above me to say that I would love if they made a Samurai101 or something. I would just love it... Actually the more I think about it, that Warrior101 suggestion would be great for this. There could be knights, ninjas, samurais...hmmm... Pish posh, I've lost interest. But still I like the idea...