New World? I've Got An Idea

May 16, 2011
So then. Here's some proof of what I think to be to be a new world.
All right. Let's use a vortex manipulator to go all the way back to November 1st. Now, this "barmy" talk seems interesting. Let's check out what Bonnie Anne has to say about this.

"The ancient ones aren't the only ones who've gone. He's gone... Gone completely barmy, captain!"

So what's this about... 'Ancient Ones'? And gone completely barmy? Ok... Well, based on the crazy dude and the background, it seems like this wonky old fisherman possibly got shipwrecked by some crazy signal, that caused him to go crazy and crash his ship into a bluff.

Alright, let's look at the word barmy, which is another word for balmy. And balmy means:

1. Pleasantly warm (Um, nah...)

2. Extremely foolish, Eccentric (Now that's more like it.)
Ok, now let's fast forward to November 8th, with a picture of a shark in Madame Vadima's sanctum. Let's see what HE has to say.

"Hola, tiny captain! I seek passage with you!" - Carcarius Grimtooth.

Ok... So, we've got a shark, who's probably going to end up as a companion. We've got some Spanish in there... Could it be hinting to a Spanish world?
Let's go now to the present day. On the Pirate101 timeline, there is now a sneak peek of Ol' Fish Eye standing next to a unnamed flamingo. Interesting...
All right, so here's my theory. You all remember my "Possible Alligator/Crocodile World?" post, right? Well, that could very well be Krokotopia, but surprisingly, the Kroks are not native to Krokotopia. It's mentioned directly in some quest dialogue in Wizard101's Krokotopia.

Now, let's throw in that Spanish. It's the second most spoken language in South America, which is more exotic due to being closer to the equator. Now, this new world could be filled with all sorts of different spiral creatures. All right then, let's take a look at someone else's post. There's a topic on a new world called Castaway.

By definition, castaway means: a person who has been shipwrecked and stranded in an isolated place.

So, this exotic world could be filled with all sorts of different creatures similar to Castaway, with it's own signal radiating from the world's heart, shipwrecking anyone who gets close to it.

And that's my theory. Like it? Why or why not? Post your own theories down below.


Jan 22, 2013
Interesting very interesting.

- Jack nightgale lvl 61 buccaneer