New Witchdoctor Skill: Mojo's Monster

May 02, 2009
Mojo Monster does 2x damage and has a 50% chance to summon himself as an ally. The animation is: A black puddle (like the one from Old Scratch's critical) appears, then the upper body of a buff creature forms. He then grabs the enemy with his left hand and punches the target three times with his right hand, smashes both his hands onto the enemy and them slams himself into the enemy, destorying himself. The ally form of him knows Relentless and Blade Storm, he's level 40 and has 1,550 health and does around 200 hundred damage. Tell me what you think Witchdoctors.

May 13, 2011
looks like he hits 5 times (punches, slam, self-destruct)