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New Quest Ideas

First Mate
Dec 12, 2011
Inspired by a forum, "What's on the Menu." I decided to create this forum to bring out the creativity for something a little more useful like new quest!

Write down a quest that you would love to do. Is it a companion quest? How about a side or main? Write a STORY to the quest. Don't just go, "It's a companion quest for Bonnie. You do this, then this, and this, done!" Not gonna work
And make it whatever you want! Mine's a promo quest for Bonnie.

My Quest: I knew something was wrong... Bonnie asked to go to a Tavern to rest, complaining of a major headache. When we get there, she suddenly complains of feeling sick then... *faints*... passes out. Birgus asked to see if she was ok, but no response. Quickly, we took her back to the ship and, leaving the ship, went out to ask a doctor for some remedies to cure her. When we got back, she was gone! We search all around for her, until we found a strange looking bird on the docks.
He was wearing a dark cloat and all we could see was his beak, and he had a evil-vibe coming from him. He said he saw her, though. "She jumped on someone else's ship and took off with them," he laughed a horrid laugh. His bone-chilling scratchy voice gave me goosebumps. When we questioned him, he actually seemed amused by our worry and confusion, but stated,"I know where your friend went, young traveler, but be warned; Your friend may already be done for." then laughed his hideous laugh again. I though El Toro was gonna kill him..!
He told us of a story about a ancient war, and a evil king who stole the minds of his people to fight in the war for him. He told us how he brainwashed them and forced them and their families to fight,and the symptoms were similar to the flu. He also said that many people have been affected recently,even to this day, since his ghost been awake. We had to find and make a couple potions before seeing our friend.One for Bonnie,one for us. When we were done and drank the vile liquid that was our potion, we were ready. He told us of the location of Bonnie and we set off. His words still ringing through our heads,"Your friend may already be done for.."
When we got there, we found a 30 minute dungeon and went in. We fought countless battles against brainwashed souls, and soon questioned weather she was even here! Sure enough, in the next room we found her. She had a new outfit on! A new musket, hat, armor (kinda resembled Subodai's), and new moves. Her eyes were glowing white from the spell as her master came forth,ordering her to fight and kill us! We fought, but out main objective was to defeat Bonnie and give her the potion. Once we did, she was outraged! She ordered us to defeat her so called master to make sure this never happens to anyone else ever again. When we finished, we went to a Tavern to celebrate! Bonnie said she was gonna keep her new look, saying after all the trouble, she's gonna at least keep the clothes!

The End