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New class idea

Jan 18, 2013
I'm sure everyone since the start of the game has wondered if there would be another class and it is possible for another one, but what would your idea be of a new class? Not counting corsairs and marauders, a made up name and what they do.

Petty Officer
Jul 06, 2010
Let's look at this from a "Holy Trinity" of roles standpoint. For Damage Dealers, we have Musketeers, Swashbucklers, and Witchdoctors. For Tanks, we have Buccaneers. For Healers, we have Privateers.
Because of this, I would tend to say that a new tanking or healing class would be optimal. Preferably a healer, since we can never have too many of them.
If it were up to me, I would go with a staffy weapon wielding, heal using, cleric-style class.

Petty Officer
May 21, 2008
Current classes already surround every role of a typical RPG game. There is nothing to add.

I remember one guy has an idea of a Cannoneer class, but this is same Musketeer, but with a different weapon and maybe few different powers.

We already have tanking class, healing and supporting class, magical damage dealing class, ranged damage dealing class and melee damage dealing class.

There could be added magic types like fire or ice, as Witchdoctors basically use negative energy and black magic. But this all is implemented in Wizard101 game.

Also each class could specialize in one or another combat art, but that is additional content and might confuse younger players.

In conclusion, I think, everything is pretty good now!