New Buccaneer Move:Rickashay

Dreamy Dreamer
May 02, 2009
Heres an idea for a new Buccaneer move. Its like Blade Strom only you don't HAVE to kill the opponet. Really, its like if you hit an enemy and get to attack another adjacent enemy. Tell me what you think

Ruthless Luke Richardson Level 50

Cute Stuff Commoner
Dec 20, 2012
Its still seems like blade storm meet me petty willam zipman lvl 45... i am in mooshu when you can look for me

Be Mine Beginner
Jan 28, 2009
I truthfully think it would make more sense having a musketeer use an attack such as ricochet, as it generally means to rebound off something in the case of a projectile. 'Tis just my opinion however.

Be Mine Beginner
Dec 31, 2012
I agree with fishman6 here. Maybe "Collateral Damage" is a more appropriate name for a melee version?

Fair Winds and Following Skies,
~~Noir The Sable

Sweet Talker
Apr 23, 2010
Wait, isn't that just relentless?
Bristly Kevin

Be Mine Beginner
Dec 28, 2012
I like "Passive Aggression", where you get a free hit on any adjacent enemies that don't attack you.