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Naming Your Mounts

Nov 01, 2013
I like to name my Mounts for fun! You're able to name your Pets (eg. Wily Nikki). However, you can't name your Mounts - I mean, they don't allow you to, but you are able to give them mental names or call them names! Ready to hear the names I gave my Mounts?

My Solar Saber: Blaze. (I like Inferno, too.)
My Valencian Steed: Radius. (I thank my friend Fearless Griffin Davenport and his friend too for the name.)
My Yuletide Pony: Noel. Let's bring a little Christmas cheer, ayuh?
My Citrine Ankylosaur: Citrus. (I renamed him; it was originally Citrine, but Citrine sounds like a girl name and the Mount is a boy, so I just decided to make it Citrus as of... yesterday? Or the day before yesterday? Or a week ago? Or a month... aggh! That's what calendars are for. )

Those are the names of my Mounts. I used to have a Golden Jaguar (yep, can't get those anymore) named Rajah. Unfortunately, I lost him. Sorry, Rajah.

- The Dashing Swashbuckler, A.K.A. Helpful Aurora Parker, Level 61 Swashbuckler
- The Reckless Pirate, A.K.A. Brave Kiley, Level 26 Buccaneer
- The Leading Commodore, A.K.A. Nora, Level 12 Privateer
- The Lazy Sharpshooter, A.K.A. Destiny Galway, Level 9 Musketeer

(P.S. Kudos and thank-yous to fair captain Fearless Jacob Capstan, Level 65 Privateer. I think you're Darkmoordude on here. Jacob was the one who told me he named his Mount John. That was how I originally named Rajah, and I'm continuing the legacy of naming Mounts! )