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Names from other games?

Gunner's Mate
Jun 15, 2009
Its me... again I think I've been posting way too much today. I want to talk to you about 4 items in the 101 games.

the first three are from Pirate101. The Tiger Claws ( want them sooo badly ) and the power Burning Palm from the fire guardian are both weapons in the game: Kid Icarus Uprising. and Bishops Gears of war sound an awful lot like oh I don't know MAYBE THE GAME GEARS OF WAR .

and from wizard101 we have the Devil may care kit. It look to me like a spin off of the game Devil may Cry.

so KI... what is all this about huh? huh? huh?

May 24, 2009
You will likely find a lot of Easter eggs within the game. KingsIsle added a lot of references to other games and movies