Mysterious new ally of Mechanov Part 3

Jun 26, 2010
19 years ago Tech was nothing more but an orphan on the streets and now he is an apprentice to his new guardian. His guardians’ name is Vincent J. Geariton, a legendary inventor in Mechanov he was the first one to invent the first clockwork; thus it began the birth of clockwork making. About three years later, Geariton taught Tech much about the very ways of inventing and studying the ways of steampunk. Tech learned quickly and improved much faster than anyone Geariton had ever taught or met in his past. Fascinated and impressed with his foster son's progress, Geariton decided to take him to the next level of inventing & creation, the ways “technomancy” a category of magical abilities that affects manipulating of technology to gain magical powers that are harnessed from technology all around. Technomancy is a fusion between necromancy, alchemy & technology; in fact Geariton was high level master technomage, a technomage surrounds his/her self with the energy of technology with linking the mind, body, and soul you become one what they call technopathy. Tech who was eager to learn the ways of a technomancer, Geariton was proud to show him the ways. In 1 year he mastered all the basics and after that he learned similar ways of technomancy like alchemy & device magic in only 5 months. Geariton knew Tech was becoming a true master and would probably be greater then him one day. 3 years later Tech was just about done, but before becoming a true master technomancer, Geariton had one last test for him, the ways of technopathy, knowing how exciting Tech must be to try to ace his final test he got started right away.
It’s been 1 day since he started his final test and somehow he’d been having trouble with this technique. Then by 3 days later he still couldn’t get it right. Then in 2 weeks he still couldn’t do the technique. Geariton had his suspicions as to why this was happening but was not a good, so with a grieving heart he had no choice but to tell Tech that he couldn’t be a true master of technomancy. After hearing all of what Geariton said Tech felt hate, sorrow, and betrayal then later that night he thought to himself, knowing his dreams were crushed, his heart broken, and the man who filled his soul with happiness, confidence, and hopes was gone. So that night a betrayed and broken hearted Tech ran away from home with nowhere to go, but Tech went on his instinct and went through with it knowing it would lead down a dark path.
Ever since he left he’s been getting into a lot of trouble, starting with stealing then with trespassing then picking fights. His heart and soul became darker and darker until he started picking a fights with the cruelest, nastiest, meanest gang in the Steam Stream Skyway.. The “Gear Grinders” and of their boss “Scar Gear”. Scar Gear saw something in Tech that was useful, so he recruited Tech. But Tech would keep an eye on them knowing something will happen. Tune in next time on this ally.
- Deadeye Jack Morgan