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Mysterious new ally of Mechanov Part 2

Jun 26, 2010
Now that Tech is Kane's newest force of power to the armada. The Pirates will soon know that things will be getting much worse for Mechanov. Tech was willing to take a chance at a new life. In fact about 19 years ago Tech was once a kind, gentle, very smart young boy. He was always inventing things and coming up with new ideas about things he loves when he creates. His parents were famous steampunk inventors. They love inventing new ways of improving Mechanov's bright future but what they love even more then inventing was their children. Tech and his younger sister Elisa Technus were their entire world. Before the armadas’ rein his family and all of Mechanov lived in peace. Then one night a tragedy struck, some shadowy dark presence appeared at Tech's home. Suddenly a fiery explosion happened inside the house while Tech's parents were making a breakthrough with their inventing. Tech's sister was sound asleep, but he heard a noise downstairs and he took a glimpse at the person face to face with his parents and then he ran back to his room, and woke up his sister to tell her what horror he saw. Then everything went black! A huge fiery explosion happened, reigning fire and rubble everywhere. By the time he woke up, all banged up everything was gone. His house, his family, and that shadowy person all gone. Left all alone, hurt and weeping tears of sorrow. All that he can hear now was some kind of wicked laughter coming from out of nowhere. He knew he had to run far away, with nowhere to go he was left fend for himself now. Three days past after that terrifying night he began living in any alley, trying to learn how to fend for himself but thing were only getting worse that was until one day he met a powerful man. He offered Tech to come with him take him of the streets, give him a home, make him his own Tech was so happy he gave the man a big hug and said “yes, yes , yes” with glee. The man took Tech to his new home he bathed him, fed him, and gave him new clothes but before they settled in the man needed to know why Tech ended up in an alley, he was nervous to tell him but he knew in order to move on he needed to this of his chest. Tech told the man everything that happened the man felt so terrible for Tech that he gave him a hug and said “everything will be alright now my boy I’ll keep you safe as long as I live” then he had a thought he told Tech that he make him his apprentice. He told him a lot about himself that years he was a legendary steampunk inventor and he was determined to give tech a new future and Tech was happy to accept his new guardians’ offer over the years things went well until the present. So stay in touch more on Tech see you soon.

- Deadeye Jack Morgan