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my problem with high level players

Petty Officer
Apr 15, 2010
*Note this is not to all high level players*

My problem is that these players are always complaining that they are bored in game yet whenever i ask for help they basically decide they aren't anymore and call me names and say rude things like:

Shut op noob (With me being level 53?)
Do it yourself (If i hadnt tried doing it myself i wouldn't ask for help)
kid(wonder how they know my age)

Now i know there are some nice high level people but I cant say I've met one in game So what i'm trying to say is if your going to complain about being bored when someone asks for help at least say something nice if not at all and think back to the times you needed help when nobody would. I know that I will not be like that when i max i will try my best to help any pirate in need until then...


Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
I couldn't agree with you more here. I am one of those high levels that just love to to help others and rude players just leave a bad taste in my mouth. The more of us that show what a true virtuous pirate is the less cool those bullies will start to feel. Bullies go with the crowd and I for one aim to keep the crowd stacked with helpful pirates.