my other (3) concerns.

Dec 16, 2014
yar ! avast !mee heartees,maytees alike,and honorable captains and yee sealovers. "captain RED here to bend your ears"first I'ed like to give me thanks to Chissy Th' blesser & Anecorbie for the reply to my kite of concern with " the whereabouts of the Aragon skyway.I'll set my sails headings ,my compass,my transit scope,or sextant towards the coordinece given me towards the seas around Valencia in hopes of get'en to where the (x) marks the spot.I really appreciate yee you have read. there are (3) other concerns but before I disclose these to you.hope what I am going to say doesn't fire your canons,or makes me sound like a nerd,arragant starfish,or the hourse's port quater In the stats in the mb's its written that I am an "ensign"...Noop! in my next kite I'll let you know my sea and land commissions but I perfer that I am referred to as "Captain".