My Adventure with Commander Emmet.

Cute Stuff Commoner
May 18, 2013
Treasurelover: Hi my name is Sneaky Bruno Tew but just call me treasurelover this is the story of my adventure with Mr.Bossy commander oh wait I ment with Commander Emmet he commands me like he is my captain so right now we are at Skull Island making our way to Marleybone Emmet's home world.

Treasurelover: So Commander Emmet found a ship yet that is not a raft.

Emmet: NO!

Treasurelover: No need to yell I'm right here.

Emmet: I wasn't yelling I was saying no because for some reason I only have my ensign clothes not my lieutenant or commander I've been robbed!

Treasurelover: Of course you have because there is a letter at the door signed The Mar something here's what it says.

Robber: Dear Ensign Emmet I have your clothes if want them back you will join the Monquista navy to strike a blow to getting the real king of Monquista back if not say hello to your retirement because I will get Vice Admiral Tew!

Emmet: Hmm a Monquista privateer very odd says something about a update oops.


Emmet: Remember now I'm a otter ensign without my clothes.

To be continued.

Dreamy Dreamer
Oct 26, 2012
Dang that is clever! Otter Ensign! That pun is utter insane, congrats!

Cute Stuff Commoner
May 18, 2013
Treasurelover: After a few minutes of arguing we finally found a ship not a very good one a Monquista skiff.

Treasurelover: Emmet your on driving ship duty.

Emmet: Ok.


Treasurelover: EMMET!

Emmet: I let a war golem that Gracie created drive the ship.

Treasurelover: A. You were on driving ship duty B. why did you let a golem drive it wasn't a driving golem it was a war golem they seek war C. because of you Emmet the ship is broken.


Treasurelover: The what.

Emmet: Captain Nemo's submarine.

Treasurelover: Where.

Emmet: In that island over there Shipwreck Cove.

Treasurelover: You mean Flotsam.

Emmet: Yes.

Treasurelover: Well One-eyed Jack is selling it for $100,000.00 dollars and we can't go to Aquila because of you.

Emmet: (sigh)

To be continued.

Cute Stuff Commoner
May 18, 2013
Treasurelover: Oh Emmet you just had to let a golem drive.

Emmet: I'll fix this I'll use my own money to buy the submarine.

Emmet: Hello One-eyed Jack I'd like to buy that submarine there.

One-eyed Jack: Well that would be $100,000.00 dollars.

Emmet: Come on you still oh me a favor.

One-eyed Jack: What oh yeah I got you a old Monquista skiff.

Treasurelover: HE WHAT!

Treasurelover: So the ship was ment to brake already.

Emmet: It was cheap until he got us a real ship.

One-eyed Jack: Don't worry I've got the ship right here.

Treasurelover: That's a raft.

One-eyed Jack: Remember I'm a trickster that's your real ship the Frogfather's galleon I snached it from him for you captain.

Emmet: I guess a promise is a promise now to Marleybone we go.

To be continued.

Cute Stuff Commoner
May 18, 2013
Treasurelover: Finally we are at Mooshu and making our way to Marleybone.

Emmet: What are those robot things they say to go with them to Dragonspyre there is a shortcut there they say.

Treasurelover: That's the Armada and there is no shortcut there just the stormgate that people say is the stormgate to El Dorado witch I think is a stormgate to the sky squid's hideout but we don't have to go there my parents were attacked by the Armada not by a sky squid.

Rooke & Deacon & Bishop: Arrest them!

Armada soldiers: Yes my commander.

Treasurelover: Ouch where are we?

Armada dragoon: In a Armada ship to the stormgate to " El Dorado ".

Treasurelover: That's a sky squid hideout wheres Ensign Emmet.

The Marchioness: I have him right here we are going to take him Krokotopia.

Treasurelover: Wait what AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Treasurelover: Ahh where am I was this a dream phew it was why am I in a tent?

To be continued.