My Adventure with Commander Emmet.

Petty Officer
May 18, 2013
Treasurelover: Hi my name is Sneaky Bruno Tew but just call me treasurelover this is the story of my adventure with Mr.Bossy commander oh wait I ment with Commander Emmet he commands me like he is my captain so right now we are at Skull Island making our way to Marleybone Emmet's home world.

Treasurelover: So Commander Emmet found a ship yet that is not a raft.

Emmet: NO!

Treasurelover: No need to yell I'm right here.

Emmet: I wasn't yelling I was saying no because for some reason I only have my ensign clothes not my lieutenant or commander I've been robbed!

Treasurelover: Of course you have because there is a letter at the door signed The Mar something here's what it says.

Robber: Dear Ensign Emmet I have your clothes if want them back you will join the Monquista navy to strike a blow to getting the real king of Monquista back if not say hello to your retirement because I will get Vice Admiral Tew!

Emmet: Hmm a Monquista privateer very odd says something about a update oops.


Emmet: Remember now I'm a otter ensign without my clothes.

To be continued.

Oct 26, 2012
Dang that is clever! Otter Ensign! That pun is utter insane, congrats!

Petty Officer
May 18, 2013
Treasurelover: After a few minutes of arguing we finally found a ship not a very good one a Monquista skiff.

Treasurelover: Emmet your on driving ship duty.

Emmet: Ok.


Treasurelover: EMMET!

Emmet: I let a war golem that Gracie created drive the ship.

Treasurelover: A. You were on driving ship duty B. why did you let a golem drive it wasn't a driving golem it was a war golem they seek war C. because of you Emmet the ship is broken.


Treasurelover: The what.

Emmet: Captain Nemo's submarine.

Treasurelover: Where.

Emmet: In that island over there Shipwreck Cove.

Treasurelover: You mean Flotsam.

Emmet: Yes.

Treasurelover: Well One-eyed Jack is selling it for $100,000.00 dollars and we can't go to Aquila because of you.

Emmet: (sigh)

To be continued.

Petty Officer
May 18, 2013
Treasurelover: Oh Emmet you just had to let a golem drive.

Emmet: I'll fix this I'll use my own money to buy the submarine.

Emmet: Hello One-eyed Jack I'd like to buy that submarine there.

One-eyed Jack: Well that would be $100,000.00 dollars.

Emmet: Come on you still oh me a favor.

One-eyed Jack: What oh yeah I got you a old Monquista skiff.

Treasurelover: HE WHAT!

Treasurelover: So the ship was ment to brake already.

Emmet: It was cheap until he got us a real ship.

One-eyed Jack: Don't worry I've got the ship right here.

Treasurelover: That's a raft.

One-eyed Jack: Remember I'm a trickster that's your real ship the Frogfather's galleon I snached it from him for you captain.

Emmet: I guess a promise is a promise now to Marleybone we go.

To be continued.

Petty Officer
May 18, 2013
Treasurelover: Finally we are at Mooshu and making our way to Marleybone.

Emmet: What are those robot things they say to go with them to Dragonspyre there is a shortcut there they say.

Treasurelover: That's the Armada and there is no shortcut there just the stormgate that people say is the stormgate to El Dorado witch I think is a stormgate to the sky squid's hideout but we don't have to go there my parents were attacked by the Armada not by a sky squid.

Rooke & Deacon & Bishop: Arrest them!

Armada soldiers: Yes my commander.

Treasurelover: Ouch where are we?

Armada dragoon: In a Armada ship to the stormgate to " El Dorado ".

Treasurelover: That's a sky squid hideout wheres Ensign Emmet.

The Marchioness: I have him right here we are going to take him Krokotopia.

Treasurelover: Wait what AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Treasurelover: Ahh where am I was this a dream phew it was why am I in a tent?

To be continued.